Meaning of LIKE in English


1. adj., prep., adv., conj., & n.

--adj. (often governing a noun as if a transitive participle such as resembling) (more like, most like)

1. a having some or all of the qualities of another or each other or an original; alike (in like manner; as like as two peas; is very like her brother). b resembling in some way, such as; in the same class as (good writers like Dickens). c (usu. in pairs correlatively) as one is so will the other be (like mother, like daughter).

2 characteristic of (it is not like them to be late).

3 in a suitable state or mood for (doing or having something) (felt like working; felt like a cup of tea).

--prep. in the manner of; to the same degree as (drink like a fish; sell like hot cakes; acted like an idiot).


1. archaic likely (they will come, like enough).

2 archaic in the same manner (foll. by as: sang like as a nightingale).

3 sl. so to speak (did a quick getaway, like; as I said, like, I'm no Shakespeare).

4 colloq. likely, probably (as like as not).

--conj. colloq. disp.

1. as (cannot do it like you do).

2 as if (ate like they were starving).


1. a counterpart; an equal; a similar person or thing (shall not see its like again; compare like with like).

2 (prec. by the) a thing or things of the same kind (will never do the like again).

Phrases and idioms:

and the like and similar things; et cetera (music, painting, and the like). be nothing like (usu. with compl.) be in no way similar or comparable or adequate. like anything see ANYTHING. like (or as like) as not probably. like-minded having the same tastes, opinions, etc. like-mindedly in accordance with the same tastes etc. like-mindedness being like-minded. like so colloq. like this; in this manner. the likes of colloq. a person such as. more like it colloq. nearer what is required.

Etymology: ME lic, lik, shortened form of OE gelic ALIKE 2. v. & n.

1. a find agreeable or enjoyable or satisfactory (like reading; like the sea; like to dance). b be fond of (a person).

2 a choose to have; prefer (like my coffee black; do not like such things discussed). b wish for or be inclined to (would like a cup of tea; should like to come).

3 (usu. in interrog.; prec. by how) feel about; regard (how would you like it if it happened to you?).

--n. (in pl.) the things one likes or prefers.

Phrases and idioms:

I like that! iron. as an exclamation expressing affront. like it or not colloq. whether it is acceptable or not.

Etymology: OE lician f. Gmc

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