Meaning of PRICE in English


n. & v.


1. a the amount of money or goods for which a thing is bought or sold. b value or worth (a pearl of great price; beyond price).

2 what is or must be given, done, sacrificed, etc., to obtain or achieve something.

3 the odds in betting (starting price).

1. fix or find the price of (a thing for sale).

2 estimate the value of.

Phrases and idioms:

above (or beyond or without) price so valuable that no price can be stated. at any price no matter what the cost, sacrifice, etc. (peace at any price). at a price at a high cost. price-fixing the maintaining of prices at a certain level by agreement between competing sellers. price-list a list of current prices of items on sale. price on a person's head a reward for a person's capture or death. price oneself out of the market lose to one's competitors by charging more than customers are willing to pay. price-ring a group of traders acting illegally to control certain prices. price tag

1. the label on an item showing its price.

2 the cost of an enterprise or undertaking. price war fierce competition among traders cutting prices. set a price on declare the price of. what price ...? (often foll.

by verbal noun) colloq.

1. what is the chance of ...? (what price your finishing the course?).

2 iron. the expected or much boasted ... proves disappointing (what price your friendship now?).


priced adj. (also in comb.). pricer n.

Etymology: (n.) ME f. OF pris f. L pretium: (v.) var. of prise PRIZE(1)

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