Meaning of PRICE in English


I. ˈprīs noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English pris, from Old French, from Latin pretium price, money, value; akin to Greek proti near, toward, to, Old Slavic protivǔ against, toward, Sanskrit prati against, back, in return, Latin per through; basic meaning: exchange — more at fare

1. archaic : genuine and inherent value : worth , excellence , preciousness

her price is far above rubies — Prov 31: 10 (Authorized Version)


a. : the quantity of one thing that is exchanged or demanded in barter or sale for another : a ratio at which commodities and services are exchanged

b. : the amount of money given or set as the amount to be given as a consideration for the sale of a specified thing

the price of wheat is expected to rise

3. : the terms or consideration for the sake of which something is done or undertaken: as

a. : an amount or gain sufficient to bribe one : something for which one is prepared to sacrifice probity, responsibility, or other quality or duty

not always easy to guess a man's price

b. : a sum offered in reward for the apprehension or death of a person

outlaws with prices on their heads

4. : the cost at which something is obtained

the price of liberty is eternal vigilance

or offered

the price of peace was more than their spirit could stomach

5. : odds 4b

- at a price

- of price

- what price

- without price

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English prisen to price, prize — more at prize

transitive verb

1. : to set a price on : fix the price of

pricing his goods high

2. obsolete : to rate highly : value

3. obsolete : to pay the price of

4. : to ask the price of

priced table linens at several stores

5. : to drive by raising prices to a level at which people refuse to buy or which is too high to meet competition — usually used with the phrase out of the market

priced themselves out of the world market

priced coal out of the competitive market

intransitive verb

: to set prices

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