Meaning of SIZE in English


1. n. & v.


1. the relative bigness or extent of a thing, dimensions, magnitude (is of vast size; size matters less than quality).

2 each of the classes, usu. numbered, into which things otherwise similar, esp. garments, are divided according to size (is made in several sizes; takes size 7 in gloves; is three sizes too big). sort or group in sizes or according to size.

Phrases and idioms:

of a size having the same size. of some size fairly large. the size of as big as. the size of it colloq. a true account of the matter (that is the size of it). size-stick a shoemaker's measure for taking the length of a foot. size up

1. estimate the size of.

2 colloq. form a judgement of. what size? how big?


sized adj. (also in comb.). sizer n.

Etymology: ME f. OF sise f. assise ASSIZE, or f. ASSIZE 2. n. & v.

--n. a gelatinous solution used in glazing paper, stiffening textiles, preparing plastered walls for decoration, etc. glaze or stiffen or treat with size.

Etymology: ME, perh. SIZE(1)

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