Meaning of WEAR in English

1. v. & n.

--v. (past wore; past part. worn)

1. tr. have on one's person as clothing or an ornament etc. (is wearing shorts; wears earrings).

2 tr. be dressed habitually in (wears green).

3 tr. exhibit or present (a facial expression or appearance) (wore a frown; the day wore a different aspect).

4 tr. Brit. colloq. (usu. with neg.) tolerate, accept (they won't wear that excuse).

5 (often foll. by away) a tr. injure the surface of, or partly obliterate or alter, by rubbing, stress, or use. b intr. undergo such injury or change.

6 tr. & intr. (foll. by off, away) rub or be rubbed off.

7 tr. make (a hole etc.) by constant rubbing or dripping etc.

8 tr. & intr. (often foll. by out) exhaust, tire or be tired.

9 tr. (foll. by down) overcome by persistence.

10 intr. a remain for a specified time in working order or a presentable state; last long. b (foll. by well, badly, etc.) endure continued use or life.

11 a intr. (of time) pass, esp. tediously. b tr. pass (time) gradually away.

12 tr. (of a ship) fly (a flag).


1. the act of wearing or the state of being worn (suitable for informal wear).

2 things worn; fashionable or suitable clothing (sportswear; footwear).

3 (in full wear and tear) damage sustained from continuous use.

4 the capacity for resisting wear and tear (still a great deal of wear left in it).

Phrases and idioms:

in wear being regularly worn. wear one's heart on one's sleeve see HEART. wear off lose effectiveness or intensity. wear out

1. use or be used until no longer usable.

2 tire or be tired out. wear thin (of patience, excuses, etc.) begin to fail. wear the trousers see TROUSERS. wear (or wear one's years) well colloq. remain young-looking.


wearable adj. wearability n. wearer n. wearingly adv.

Etymology: OE werian f. Gmc 2. v. (past and past part. wore)

1. tr. bring (a ship) about by turning its head away from the wind.

2 intr. (of a ship) come about in this way (cf. TACK(1) v. 4).

Etymology: 17th c.: orig. unkn.

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