Meaning of ABOUT THAT in English


adj 1. in support of. Also about it. Note: often pronounced "bout that" or "bout it". ("I'm so not about that." "You want to leave now? I'm about it." "Whatever you want to do, I'm about it.") Submitted by Nikkii, Jackson, TN, USA, 16-10-1997. Clarifications by La Tonya Smith, Houston, TX, USA, 14-11-97 and Demetrius Scruggs, FL, USA, 22-12-1997. 2. all that, pimp, player. ("I'm bout it.") Sometimes used twice. ("I'm bout it bout it.") Submitted by Jackie Cuevas, San Jose, CA, USA, 15-03-1998. Additions by Sheena, Omaha, NE, USA, 04-05-1998. 3. a greeting, similar to "What's happening?" In this context, the term is an abbreviation of "How about it?" Submitted by Ryan, Spartanburg, SC, USA, 04-03-1998.

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