Meaning of TAKE-UP in English


ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ noun

( -s )

Etymology: take up

1. : the action or an act of taking up (as by gathering or contraction, reeling in, absorption, compensation or adjustment)

bottom edge should be slightly curved and wider than the top to allow for take-up in draping — Mary B. Picken

liner plate reversible and adjustable for wear take-up — Jaeger Dewatering Pumps

nylon fibers and fabrics have a very low water take-up — R.S.Horsfall & L.G.Lawrie

selenium — soil and plant take-up of, from spraying orange groves — Journal of American Pharmaceutical Association

2. : uptake 2a

3. : any of various devices for tightening or drawing in: as

a. : a device in a sewing machine for drawing up the slack thread as the needle rises in completing a stitch

b. : a sometimes automatic device for taking up slack in the belt of an elevator or belt conveyor

c. or take-up motion : an automatic motion in a loom for rolling up the cloth as it is woven

d. : a device for winding photographic film upon a reel, core, or spool

e. : a device or piece of equipment used in shopwork to take up slack or to remove looseness (as from wear of parts)

screw take-up

brake cable take-up


a. : decrease in length of yarns when twisted or plied

b. : decrease in length of warp yarn in a cloth compared with original length of yarn on the beam

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