Meaning of WELLS, HENRY in English

born , Dec. 12, 1805, Thetford, Vt., U.S. died Dec. 10, 1878, Glasgow, Scot. pioneer American expressman, one of the founders of the American Express Company and of Wells Fargo & Company. Wells gained experience as an agent for Harnden's Express at Albany, N.Y., and then as a founder of Livingston, Wells, and Pomeroy's Express, operating between Albany and Buffalo. In 1844, together with William Fargo (q.v.) and Daniel Dunning, Wells founded the first express company to operate west of Buffalo, Wells and Company, which in 1850 was merged with Livingston, Wells, and Pomeroy's Express and Butterfield, Wasson, and Company to form the American Express Company. Wells served as president and Fargo as secretary of the American Express Company from 1850 to 1868. In 1852, with William Fargo, he organized Wells, Fargo & Company to serve the growing West. In 1868 Wells founded Wells Seminary, later Wells College, for women, at Aurora, N.Y.; he also contributed to schools for stutterers.

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