Meaning of CUP in English


(SPORT) [noun] [C] - a specially designed cup, usually with two handles and often made of silver, which is given as a prize in a sporting competition, or a game or match in which the winner receives such a cupSheila won this cup in the school squash championship.The Davis Cup is an important international tennis championship.A World Cup is an international competition, esp. in football.Who won the 1994 World Cup?(UK) A cup final is the last game in a competition between teams, usually in football or rugby, for a cup.the FA (= Football Association) Cup FinalIn a team sport, the cup holders are the team which won the cup for the competition held during the previous year or season.The cup holders began their defence of the trophy in fine style.(UK) A cup tie is a game between two teams trying to win a cup, esp. in football.

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