Meaning of CUP in English

/ kʌp; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a small container shaped like a bowl, usually with a handle, used for drinking tea, coffee, etc. :

a teacup

a coffee cup

a cup and saucer

a paper cup


[ C ] the contents of a cup :

She drank the whole cup.

Would you like a cup of tea?


[ C ] a unit for measuring quantity used in cooking in the US; a metal or plastic container used to measure this quantity :

two cups of flour and half a cup of butter


[ C ] a thing shaped like a cup :

an egg cup


[ C ] a gold or silver cup on a stem , often with two handles, that is given as a prize in a competition :

She's won several cups for skating.

He lifted the cup for the fifth time this year (= it was the fifth time he had won) .

—picture at medal


[ sing. ] (usually Cup ) a sports competition in which a cup is given as a prize :

the World Cup


[ C ] one of the two parts of a bra that cover the breast :

a C cup


[ C , U ] a drink made from wine mixed with, for example, fruit juice


[ C ] ( NAmE ) ( in golf ) a hollow in the ground that you must get the ball into


[ C ] ( NAmE ) a piece of plastic that a man wears over his sex organs to protect them while he is playing a sport


- in your cups

- not sb's cup of tea

—more at slip noun

■ verb ( -pp- ) [ vn ]


cup your hand(s) (around / over sth) to make your hands into the shape of a bowl :

She held the bird gently in cupped hands.


cup sth (in your hands) to hold sth, making your hands into a round shape :

He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her.



Old English : from popular Latin cuppa , probably from Latin cupa tub.

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