Meaning of CUP in English

I. ˈkəp noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English cuppe, from Old English; akin to Old Frisian kopp head, cup, Middle Low German kopp drinking vessel, Middle Dutch coppe, Old High German kopf; all from a prehistoric West Germanic word borrowed from Late Latin cuppa cup, alteration of or akin to Latin cupa vat, tub — more at hive

1. : a usually open bowl-shaped drinking vessel often having a handle and a stem and base and sometimes a lid

finely made wine cups

: chalice ; specifically : a handled vessel of china or glass that is set on a saucer and used for hot liquids (as coffee, tea, or soup)


a. : the containing part of a drinking vessel that has a stem and a foot

b. : a drinking vessel and its contents : the beverage or food contained in a cup

a second cup of coffee

c. : the consecrated wine of the Communion

3. : something (as an experience or sensation) that is to be enjoyed or endured : something that falls to one's lot : portion

his cup of bitterness is full

4. cups plural : prolonged or convivial drinking

thence from cups to civil broils — John Milton

5. sometimes capitalized : an ornamental cup offered as a prize especially when symbolic of a championship

the cup race for large yachts

often : a prize other than or in addition to money

6. : something felt to resemble a cup especially in shape or use: as

a. : a socket or recess in which something turns (as the hipbone or the recess in which a capstan spindle turns)

b. : a metal or earthenware receptacle that is shaped like a flowerpot and that is attached to a tree in turpentine orcharding to collect the resin


(1) : an athletic supporter reinforced with metal for providing extra protection to the wearer in certain strenuous sports (as boxing, hockey, football)

(2) : either of the two parts of a brassiere that are shaped like and fit over the breasts

d. medicine : a small bell-shaped glass formerly used in cupping

e. : a cap of metal shaped like the femoral head and used in plastic reconstruction of the hip joint

f. : the metal case inside a hole in golf ; also : the hole itself

g. : an annular trough filled with water at the base of each section of a telescopic gas holder into which fits the grip of the section next outside


a. : a cup-shaped organ or part of a plant (as an apothecium or peridium, a volva, or in seed plants a cupule, a calyx, or corolla)

b. : a cup-shaped structure ; especially : a cup-shaped external skeleton (as the theca of a coral or the calyx of a crinoid)

8. : a usually iced beverage resembling punch in its ingredients but served from a pitcher rather than a bowl

claret cup

cider cup

champagne cup

9. : a curve across the grain or width of a piece of lumber

10. : cupful

11. : a food served in a cup-shaped usually footed vessel

fruit cup

- in one's cups

II. verb

( cupped ; cupped ; cupping ; cups )

transitive verb


[Middle English cuppen, from cuppe, n.]

medicine : to subject to cupping

2. : to make or curve into a hollow or cup shape

cupping his hand to his ear

3. : to receive, take, or place in or as if in a cup

cup water from a stream

cupping his chin in his hand

a town cupped by surrounding hills

4. : to provide a cup for catching latex or sap from the trunk of (a tree) in rubber and turpentine culture

intransitive verb


a. : to grow or become cup-shaped

b. of a board : to warp crosswise

2. : to undergo or perform cupping

3. : to make a depression in the ground with the club when hitting a golf ball

III. ˈku̇p, ˈkəp

variant of coop III

IV. noun

: the symbol ∪ indicating the union of two sets — compare cap herein

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