Meaning of CUP in English

I. noun see: hive Date: before 12th century an open usually bowl-shaped drinking vessel, 2. a drinking vessel and its contents, the consecrated wine of the Communion, something that falls to one's lot, an ornamental ~ offered as a prize (as in a championship), something resembling a ~: as, a ~-shaped plant organ, an athletic supporter reinforced usually with plastic to provide extra protection to the wearer, either of two parts of a brassiere that are shaped like and fit over the breasts, the metal case inside a hole in golf, a usually iced beverage resembling punch but served from a pitcher rather than a bowl, a half pint ; eight fluid ounces, a food served in a ~-shaped usually footed vessel , the symbol ∪ indicating the union of two sets, ~like adjective II. transitive verb (~ped; ~ping) Date: 14th century to treat by ~ping, 2. to curve into the shape of a ~ , to place in or as if in a ~

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