Meaning of GREY in English


( -ier, -iest), US usually gray ( -er, -est) [adjective], [noun] - (of) the colour that is a mixture of black and white, the colour of clouds on a rainy daygrey eyesa grey skya grey skirtShe was dressed in grey.The room was decorated in greys and blues.Her face went/turned grey (= very pale because of shock) as she read the letter.A person who is grey has hair that has changed from its original colour to grey, usually as they become old.A tall, grey and distinguished-looking woman stood in the doorway.He started to go/turn grey in his mid-forties.(disapproving) Grey weather is when there are a lot of clouds in the sky and there is very little light.Night turned into morning, grey and cold.The weather's been very grey and miserable recently.(disapproving) Grey means uninteresting and unexciting.He saw a grey future stretch ahead of him.They regarded their father as a grey civil servant working in grey office job.A grey area is a situation which is not clear or where the rules are not known.The difference between gross negligence and recklessness is a legal grey area.A grey eminence is an eminence grise.(informal) Grey matter is the substance of a person's brain and nervous system and refers to the ability to think.It's not the sort of movie that stimulates the old grey matter much.

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