Meaning of GREY in English


adj., n., & v. (US gray)


1. of a colour intermediate between black and white, as of ashes or lead.

2 a (of the weather etc.) dull, dismal; heavily overcast. b bleak, depressing; (of a person) depressed.

3 a (of hair) turning white with age etc. b (of a person) having grey hair.

4 anonymous, nondescript, unidentifiable.


1. a a grey colour or pigment. b grey clothes or material (dressed in grey).

2 a cold sunless light.

3 a grey or white horse. & intr. make or become grey.

Phrases and idioms:

grey area

1. a situation or topic sharing features of more than one category and not clearly attributable to any one category.

2 S.Afr. an area where Black and Coloured people live (usu. illicitly) alongside White.

3 Brit. an area in economic decline. grey eminence {Eacute}MINENCE GRISE. Grey Friar a Franciscan friar. grey goose GREYLAG. grey-hen the female of the black grouse (cf. BLACKCOCK).

grey matter

1. the darker tissues of the brain and spinal cord consisting of nerve-cell bodies and branching dendrites.

2 colloq. intelligence. grey squirrel an American squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis, brought to Europe in the 19th c.


greyish adj. greyly adv. greyness n.

Etymology: OE gr{aelig}g f. Gmc

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