Meaning of RIP in English


(TEAR) [verb] -pp- - to pull apart; to tear or be torn violently and quicklyHis new trousers ripped when he bent down. [I]I ripped my shirt on a nail. [T]I saw her ripping the note into little pieces. [T]She excitedly ripped the parcel open. [T + object + adjective]The explosion ripped open the side of the house. [T + object + adjective]The wind ripped the flag to/into shreds (= into little pieces). [T]To rip up something is to tear it into small pieces.That's all wrong - rip it up and start again.She ripped up his letters and burned the pieces.To rip is also to do something quickly and esp. without much care.I wish the old fireplaces hadn't been ripped out (= removed).They ripped off (= removed) their clothes and ran into the sea.The explosion ripped through (= moved through) the hotel.We ripped up (= removed) the carpets and laid a new wooden floor.

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