Meaning of RIP in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ rɪp ]

( rips, ripping, ripped)


When something rips or when you rip it, you tear it forcefully with your hands or with a tool such as a knife.

I felt the banner rip as we were pushed in opposite directions...

I tried not to rip the paper as I unwrapped it.

= tear

VERB : V , V n


A rip is a long cut or split in something made of cloth or paper.

Looking at the rip in her new dress, she flew into a rage.

= tear



If you rip something away, you remove it quickly and forcefully.

He ripped away a wire that led to the alarm button...

He ripped the phone from her hand.

= tear

VERB : V n with adv , V n prep


If something rips into someone or something or rips through them, it enters that person or thing so quickly and forcefully that it often goes completely through them.

A volley of bullets ripped into the facing wall...

= tear

VERB : V prep / adv


If you let rip , you do something forcefully and without trying to control yourself. ( INFORMAL )

Turn the guitars up full and let rip...

PHRASE : let inflects


If you let something rip , you do it as quickly or as forcefully as possible. You can say ‘ let it rip ’ or ‘ let her rip ’ to someone when you want them to make a vehicle go as fast as it possibly can.

The ecological disaster is partly a product of letting everything rip in order to increase production.

PHRASE : let inflects

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