Meaning of RIP in English


1. v. & n. & intr. (ripped, ripping)

1. tr. tear or cut (a thing) quickly or forcibly away or apart (ripped out the lining; ripped the book up).

2 tr. a make (a hole etc.) by ripping. b make a long tear or cut in.

3 intr. come violently apart; split.

4 intr. rush along.


1. a long tear or cut.

2 an act of ripping.

Phrases and idioms:

let rip colloq.

1. act or proceed without restraint.

2 speak violently.

3 not check the speed of or interfere with (a person or thing). rip-cord a cord for releasing a parachute from its pack. rip into attack (a person) verbally. rip off colloq. defraud, steal. rip-off n.


1. a fraud or swindle.

2 financial exploitation.

Etymology: ME: orig. unkn. 2. n. a stretch of rough water in the sea or in a river, caused by the meeting of currents.

Phrases and idioms:

rip current (or tide)

1. a strong surface current from the shore.

2 a state of conflicting psychological forces.

Etymology: 18th c.: perh. rel. to RIP(1) 3. n.1 a dissolute person.

2 a rascal.

3 a worthless horse.

Etymology: perh. f. rep, abbr. of REPROBATE

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