Meaning of WET in English


(NOT DRY) [adjective], [noun] [U] wetter, wettest - with liquid in, on or around (something); not drya wet floora wet umbrellawet coatswet hairBe careful with that cup of coffee - I don't want my papers to get (= become) wet.I had to cycle in the rain and got soaking wet.You poor thing - you're all wet (= very wet).Try and keep off the wet (= the wet ground) - it's a bit firmer on this side of the path.If paint, ink, etc. is wet, it has not had time to dry and become hard.The paint's still wet.Wet paint!When the weather is wet it rains.We've had wet weather all week.This is the first wet day for two months.The presentation will take place indoors if it's wet.Come in quickly - you're wet through (= completely wet).(figurative) It was about as much fun as a wet weekend (= it was not enjoyable).Don't leave those boxes out in the wet.Someone who is wet behind the ears is young and without experience.If something is wet-look it is shiny.wet-look hair gelA wet blanket is a person who says or does something that stops other people enjoying themselves.A wet dream is a man's sexually exciting dream which is followed by the release of sperm during or just after sleep.A wet nurse was a woman employed to give her breast milk to another woman's baby. (disapproving) If you wet nurse someone you treat them too carefully as if they are unable to do anything themselves.A wet suit is a piece of clothing, made from rubber, which covers the whole body closely and is designed to keep you warm when you are swimming in esp. the sea for long periods.divers/surfers in wet suitsSee picture: Water sports

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