Meaning of WET in English


I. wet verb

to make wet by or as if by saturating with water

they were wet thoroughly by the pouring rain

Synonyms: deluge, douse, drench, drown, soak, sop, souse; compare soak 1

Related Word: damp, dampen, moisten; humidify, humify; fill, impregnate, saturate; irrigate; lave, rinse, wash

Antonyms: desiccate, dry

II. wet adjective


containing or impregnated with liquid

change wet clothing for dry

Synonyms: drenched, dripping, madid, saturate, saturated, soaked, soaking, sodden, sopping, soppy, soused, wringing-wet

Related Word: soggy, water-logged; damp, dank, moist, wettish

Idioms: dripping ( or soaking or sopping) wet

Contrasted words: bone-dry, dehydrated, desiccated, parched, sere, waterless

Antonyms: dry


Synonyms: intoxicated 1, ||boozy, ||canned, disguised, drunk, inebriated, ||lushed, pixilated, ||plastered, slopped

III. ||wet noun

Synonyms: dram , drop, jolt, nip, shot, slug, snifter, snort, toothful, tot

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