Meaning of WET in English


adj. 1 moist, moistened, damp, dampened, soaked, soaking, sopping, wringing, dripping, sodden, soppy, saturated, drenched During the rainy season, the ground is far too wet for planting 2 rainy, raining, teeming, pouring, drizzling, showery We have had a very wet spring this year 3 feeble, weak, irresolute, effet, namby-pamby, foolish, ineffectual, ineffective, spineless, timorous, cowardly She considered some of her colleagues too wet to take the tough action needed

n. 4 moisture, water, wetness, dampness, damp, humidity, liquid The wet stood out on his forehead 5 rain, wetness, mist, dew, fog, damp, humidity Come in out of the wet, and warm yourself by the fire 6 milksop, softie or softy, lightweight, Colloq drip, loser, Brit weed, Slang wimp, US weak sister: Why is he such a wet about standing up for his rights?

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