Meaning of WET in English


I. adjective


a damp/wet patch

There were damp patches on the ceilings.

a dry/wet spell

Keep fuchsias well watered during prolonged dry spells in summer.

be wet/damp with sweat

She had been exercising and her hair was damp with sweat.


His foot slipped on the wet grass and he fell.

dripping wet

Take off that jacket – you’re dripping wet .


We've had a very dry summer.

the rainy/wet/dry season (= when the weather is rainy, wet, dry etc )

In the rainy season, roads became a quagmire.

wet bar

wet blanket

wet dream

wet fish

wet nurse

wet snow

He cleared the wet snow from the car windscreen.

wet suit


Careful – the paint is still wet.


She had been left in a wet nappy all day.


A damp climate can damage buildings.

wet/firm/soft etc underfoot

The wet wood is very slippery underfoot.


I’m so sick of this wet weather.

wetting agent

wetting solution




But towards morning heavy clouds spread across. Soaking wet , they moved inside and tried to sleep.

More than once they saw a passer-by, soaking wet , shout threats and curses at an open window.

Oliver's was still soaking wet .


Looking down at the curve of her cheekbone, still wet with tears, he suddenly wanted her, quite overwhelmingly.

The paint was still wet and dripping down.

In the third year of life 40 percent of children who are still wet achieve dryness at night.

Once the angled section was in position, the two adjoining horizontal pieces were hung while everything was still wet and workable.

Long enough for Paige to be aware of Travis's still wet hair, and that his only covering was his jeans.

On machine-made paper the watermark is embossed into the sheet whilst it is still wet .

This can be done when the wash is still wet .

It was still wet and choked with gritty mud.


The mountains were shrouded in mist and the lough looked grey and uninviting, and I got very wet .

He was not unduly damaged, only very , very wet .

Born in late March they had excellent birth coats and survived very wet conditions well.

Luckily no one drowned but a few people got very wet !

The path here can be very wet , but planks have been laid down over the worst parts.

Rubber and plastic boots are intended for use in very wet places but will not allow the feet to breathe.

When the passport was very wet , he tore it slowly into little pieces.

The area was very wet with a large puddle directly under the end of the slide.



The bullets thumped into the wet blanket in front of me, making it jump like there was a bear inside.

The morose Mitchells wins the wet blanket award.

But there was no large wet blanket to be had.

Morose Michell wins the wet blanket award.

They thought he was a middle aged wet blanket .

Most of all, the Colonel was intrigued that the wet blanket had absorbed the energy of the pistol shots.


In less than an hour he was changing his wet clothes .

Unfortunately a cold home, heated only when there are wet clothes around, causes damp and consequently health problems.

Grace finished her drink quickly, and changed out of her wet clothes .

Robyn breathed a weary sigh of relief, and threw the carrier of wet clothes on to the floor.

When the ship goes down, the actors all have to come on stage in wet clothes .

Putting on my wet clothes , I moved out of the hut.

He draped his wet clothes over a chair in front of the stove and ladled rice and beans on to two plates.


We had had a long wet day on the moors but in the late afternoon the weather cleared.

Just the thing for a wet day !

On a long, lowland walk on a pouring wet day my feet were no more than damp - a pleasant surprise.

Food for thought on a wet day for both the developmental and evolutionary biologist.

Many a wet day was passed in this way for he let me help him, or did I hinder?

On higher ground, the number of such wet days rises to over 220 days per year.

Coronation Day , in June 1953, was a memorably wet day.

One wet day , though, in 1985 Bellerby Feast had almost ceased to exist.


On higher ground, the number of such wet days rises to over 220 days per year.


That was the only real wet dream he could remember having.

Barren Leaves Spontaneous overflows of powerful feeling: Wet dreams , wet dreams, in libraries congealing.


There was a wet fish shop just there and in my eagerness to escape I darted in.

Oswald and his wife Jenny have been selling wet fish from their stall for 45 years.


Prevents wet feet when working on the foredeck or on the lee rail in rough weather.

Tackling patches of snow in modern, lightweight footwear doesn't have to mean wet feet .

His wet feet slithered on a wooden ramp which sounded hollowly underneath.

Since then I have had no problems with wet feet though.

Isabel didn't even notice her wet feet as she encountered the pools of water left by the rain.

Try to walk another footpath on the site, you end up with very wet feet .

I used them on many rainy days, and never once suffered from wet feet .


The wet grass glittered and near-by a nut-tree sparkled iridescent, winking and gleaming as its branches moved in the light wind.

His foot slipped on the wet grass and he fell.

It slithered for a few feet on the wet grass .

Bigwig jumped down from the bank into the field and ran in a long curve across the wet grass .

Presently she heard footsteps slipping on the wet grass , and then one of the doors groaned open.

She clasped it, landing at the foot of the dune with her face in the wet grass .

Finlayson half-turned, ducked under the flying bottle, slipped on the wet grass , and fell.

It's water-resistance had a fair testing in long wet grass and stream wading.


We grapple on the wet ground - both of us with a hand on his gun.

Pushing myself up off the wet ground , I brushed the twigs and earth off my trousers while I checked my pockets.

Idly she began to stab at the wet ground with it, but it struck something hard straight away.

But why did he stand in the cold, on wet ground , for five or ten minutes?

He flopped back on to the wet ground .

A good tread will generally give a good grip, but as with a car, watch out on wet ground !

Both Vibram and Skywalk soles, and other similar types, will give problems on wet ground unless you take care.

The wet ground pulled at our feet as we walked.


They laid her on the grass and her wet hair was shiny, like it was slick with grease.

He swam vigorously, ducking his head in the water and flinging back his wet hair .

Any styling effort applied to sopping wet hair is usually unnecessary and wastes a lot of time.

Long enough for Paige to be aware of Travis's still wet hair , and that his only covering was his jeans.

Blot wet hair with a towel to remove excess water before applying an intensive conditioner.


When wet nights are only an occasional problem try and see whether there is any pattern.

If no obvious dramas have occurred, suggest your child keeps a diary which indicates dry or wet nights .

It may become clear they are likely to have a wet night before or after an event.

A wet night and a skidding car, as Fox had said.

October and November passed in wild untidy days and wet nights which left the windows plastered with yellow leaves.

Not relishing the prospect of a cold wet night solo on the beach, I had to follow!


I remember the names of the two servants were Abatahun and Astakakalij, the wet nurse .

It proved impossible to find enough wet nurses for the thousands of babies left at the hospital.


For example, if you wanted the effect of wet sand when the tide is low.

She had trodden them into the wet sand and they were horrible.

We trekked across the wet sand towards Tony on the far bank ahead of us.

Cutting stone was done with a rope dipped in wet sand and used like a saw.

Another mountain of water came, pushed me up the beach, and I fell on the wet sand .


Because they were five thousand feet above sea level the climate was marvellous, apart from the wet season .

In a wet season the soil begins to cool down rapidly from the beginning of September onwards so early sowing is essential.

It is a very dry area and only has rain during the wet season .


Take advantage of wet soil to put mulches in places, especially round newly-planted stock.

During freezing in wet soil , water is drawn into horizons which solidify in parallel layers, forcing soil and stones upward.

Jezrael dropped where she stood, on the cold wet soil above a thermal.

It dislikes wet soils , particularly in winter.

It is quite at home on dry as well as wet soils .

Aeration and drainage on cold, wet soils can be improved by digging in generous amounts of pea-sized grit and well-rotted manure.


We would pray for fine weather as a prolonged wet spell meant ruin for our efforts.

Prepare the ground with leaf-mould and a little bonemeal, and mulch with leaf-mould during a wet spell each summer.


Costume Supervisor Daphne Dare designed their appearance, basing their shape on a standard skin-diver's wet suit .

Scientists theorised that both attacks were cases of sharks mistaking divers in wet suits for seals.

The wet suit should be tight fitting and allow reasonable freedom of movement.


They're up to their ears in them because the wet summer has produced a glut ... and forced prices to rock bottom.

Double-flowered petunias are also prone to rotting in wet summers .

During that long, wet summer I had two painful tasks.

Far from cultivating a golden tan, I had difficulty in keeping the rust at bay during a particularly wet summer .

It was in the sad, wet summer of 1945.

But now there's no sound, blinds tightly drawn, Another wet summer has come and gone.


Sheep, hardy creatures in many ways, proved curiously vulnerable to prolonged wet weather .

Sensible shoes are recommended, especially wellington boots in wet weather .

In summer there is often plenty of wet weather too.

Heat and wet weather , damp.

The wet weather has already caused the abandonment of several fixtures, including today's card at Ludlow.

In wet weather hand them inside to deter mould.

P.P. It was a tough life, especially in wet weather .

The wet weather must have made her rusty, for whenever she stood up she winced.


ever so cold/wet/nice etc

wet through/cooked through etc

wringing wet

Your clothes are wringing wet.

My three-piece was wringing wet, but eventually I dried it out, and the rest I just bagged together.


a wet towel

Be careful, the floor is still wet .

Don't touch the wall - the paint's still wet .

Freshly wet roads are dangerous because oil and dust mix with the water to make them slippery.

Hurry up with the umbrella - I'm getting wet !

I can't come out yet - my hair's still wet .

Let's not sit here - the grass is wet .

When he got out of the boat, the sleeves of his sweater were all wet .

You'd better change out of those wet clothes.


Angry with herself for reacting to him, she peeled off her wet swimsuit and vigorously began to towel her body.

In places the path can be wet and slippery, so obviously wear your boots.

Like discs, they do a cleaner job in dry than in wet conditions.

Money passed through his hands with the slippery insecurity of a wet ball.

Pushing myself up off the wet ground, I brushed the twigs and earth off my trousers while I checked my pockets.

The bagels, almost dry, got wet again.

The weather was wet and chilly and this run underlines the standard that White is setting in the club this year.

II. verb




Even dry children may wet the bed under stress, like a change of school, a divorce or moving house.

Another makes a pet of a snowball, which wets the bed then runs away.

It made the sheets feel as if she'd wet the bed .

Tickle him until he wets the bed .

Child may wet the bed and have constipation.

Every other night he wet his bed , and he argued with Clarisa almost constantly.

Depth of sleep Many parents say that they think their child wets the bed because of being in such deep sleep.

Dear Kidsday: My 8-year-old sister still wets the bed !


ever so cold/wet/nice etc

wet through/cooked through etc


Wetting the toothbrush before you put the toothpaste on makes the bristles softer.

She wet her index finger and cleaned the spot off the mirror.

The other hairdresser usually wets my hair before she cuts it.

III. noun


Bath could not hit their top gear of late as they too slithered around in the wet .

If only her guest partner, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, wasn't such a wet .

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