Meaning of JUST in English


I. adjective


Synonyms: well-founded , cogent, good, justified, well-grounded


Synonyms: true 3, faithful, right, strict, undistorted, veracious, veridical


being what is called for by circumstances or accepted standards

punishments once considered fair and just are now held to be cruel, excessive, and unreasonable

Synonyms: appropriate, condign, deserved, due, merited, requisite, rhadamanthine, right, rightful, suitable; compare fit 1

Related Word: fit, fitting, meet, proper

Contrasted words: farfetched, irrelevant, remote, unconnected; improper, inapplicable, inapposite, inappropriate; abusive, cruel, harsh

Antonyms: unjust


Synonyms: upright 2, conscientious, honest, honorable, right, scrupulous, true

Related Word: rigid, strict; dependable, reliable, tried, trustworthy


Synonyms: fair 4, dispassionate, equal, equitable, impartial, nondiscriminatory, objective, unbiased, uncolored, unprejudiced

Related Word: aloof; condign, due, rightful

Antonyms: unjust


Synonyms: fit 1, appropriate, apt, befitting, felicitous, fitting, happy, meet, proper, suitable

II. adverb


as stated or indicated without deviation

just six inches long

Synonyms: accurately, bang, exactly, precisely, right, sharp, ||smack-dab, spang, square, squarely

Related Word: definitely, directly, expressly, unmistakably

Contrasted words: almost, nearly; approximately, imprecisely, inaccurately, inexactly, loosely


by a very small margin

just enough food for one meal

Synonyms: barely, hardly, scarce, scarcely

Related Word: almost, approximately, nearly

Contrasted words: copiously, fully, generously, lavishly, unstintedly, unstintingly


no more than

just a note to remind you

Synonyms: but, merely, only, simply

Idioms: nothing but


Synonyms: all 1, all in all, altogether, completely, exactly, in toto, quite, totally, utterly, wholly


Synonyms: even 1, as well, exactly, expressly, precisely

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