Meaning of JUST in English


/ dʒʌst; NAmE / adverb , adjective

■ adverb


just (like / what / as ... ) exactly :

This jacket is just my size.

This gadget is just the thing for getting those nails out.

Just my luck (= the sort of bad luck I usually have) . The phone's not working.

You're just in time .

She looks just like her mother.

It's just what I wanted!

It's just as I thought.

( BrE )

It's just on six (= exactly six o'clock) .


just as ... at the same moment as :

The clock struck six just as I arrived.


just as good, nice, easily, etc. no less than; equally :

She's just as smart as her sister.

You can get there just as cheaply by plane.


(only) ~ | just after, before, under, etc. sth by a small amount :

I got here just after nine.

I only just caught the train.

Inflation fell to just over 4 per cent.


used to say that you/sb did sth very recently :

I've just heard the news.

When you arrived he had only just left.

She has just been telling us about her trip to Rome.

( especially NAmE )

I just saw him a moment ago.

➡ note at already


at this/that moment; now :

I'm just finishing my book.

I was just beginning to enjoy myself when we had to leave.

I'm just off (= I am leaving now) .


just about / going to do sth going to do sth only a few moments from now or then :

The water's just about to boil.

I was just going to tell you when you interrupted.


simply :

It was just an ordinary day.

I can't just drop all my commitments.

This essay is just not good enough .

I didn't mean to upset you. It's just that I had to tell somebody.

This is not just another disaster movie—it's a masterpiece.

Just because you're older than me doesn't mean you know everything.


( informal ) really; completely :

The food was just wonderful!

I can just imagine his reaction.


just (for sth) | just (to do sth) only :

I decided to learn Japanese just for fun .

I waited an hour just to see you.

There is just one method that might work.

'Can I help you?' 'No thanks, I'm just looking .' (= in a shop / store)


used in orders to get sb's attention, give permission, etc. :

Just listen to what I'm saying, will you!

Just help yourselves.


used to make a polite request, excuse, etc. :

Could you just help me with this box, please?

I've just got a few things to do first.


could / might / may ~ used to show a slight possibility that sth is true or will happen :

Try his home number—he might just be there.


used to agree with sb :

'He's very pompous.' 'Isn't he just?'


- could / might just as well ...

- it is just as well (that ... )

- just about

- just a minute / moment / second

- just like that

- just now

- just so

- just then

- not just yet

- I, etc. would just as soon do sth

—more at case noun , job

■ adjective [ usually before noun ]


that most people consider to be morally fair and reasonable

SYN fair :

a just decision / law / society


the just noun [ pl. ] people who are just


appropriate in a particular situation :

a just reward / punishment

I think she got her just deserts (= what she deserved) .

OPP unjust

►  just·ly adverb :

to be treated justly

to be justly proud of sth



late Middle English : via Old French from Latin justus , from jus law, right.

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