Meaning of JUST in English


adj. & adv.

adj. 1 acting or done in accordance with what is morally right or fair. 2 (of treatment etc.) deserved (a just reward). 3 (of feelings, opinions, etc.) well-grounded (just resentment). 4 right in amount etc.; proper.

adv. 1 exactly (just what I need). 2 exactly or nearly at this or that moment; a little time ago (I have just seen them). 3 colloq. simply, merely (we were just good friends; it just doesn't make sense). 4 barely; no more than (I just managed it; just a minute). 5 colloq. positively (it is just splendid). 6 quite (not just yet; it is just as well that I checked). 7 colloq. really, indeed (won't I just tell him!). 8 in questions, seeking precise information (just how did you manage?). just about colloq. almost exactly; almost completely. just in case as a precaution. just now 1 at this moment. 2 a little time ago. just so 1 exactly arranged (they like everything just so). 2 it is exactly as you say. justly adv. justness n.

[ ME f. OF juste f. L justus f. jus right ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.