Meaning of BENT in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ bent ]


Bent is the past tense and past participle of bend .


If an object is bent , it is damaged and no longer has its correct shape.

The trees were all bent and twisted from the wind.



If a person is bent , their body has become curved because of old age or disease. ( WRITTEN )

...a bent, frail, old man.



If someone is bent on doing something, especially something harmful, they are determined to do it.

He’s bent on suicide.

ADJ : v-link ADJ on/upon n / -ing [ disapproval ]


If you have a bent for something, you have a natural ability to do it or a natural interest in it.

His bent for natural history directed him towards his first job.

= flair

N-SING : with supp , oft N for n


If someone is of a particular bent , they hold a particular set of beliefs.

...economists of a socialist bent.

= persuasion

N-SING : adj N


If you say that someone in a position of responsibility is bent , you mean that they are dishonest or do illegal things. ( BRIT INFORMAL )

...this bent accountant.



If someone is bent double , the top part of their body is leaning forward towards their legs, usually because they are in great pain or because they are laughing a lot. In American English, you can also say that someone is bent over double .

He left the courtroom on the first day bent double with stomach pain.

PHRASE : oft PHR with/in n

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