Meaning of BENT in English


adj. 1 curved, deflected, bowed, crooked, distorted He complained to the waiter just because the fork was bent 2 strange, weird, peculiar, twisted, deviant, warped, wry, awry, corrupt, corrupted; perverted, perverse, abnormal You'd be bent, too, if you'd been in prison for fifteen years 3 dishonest, crooked, illegal That share deal sounds a bit bent to me I'll pass 4 determined, intent, set, resolved, resolute, decided, set Garvey is bent on running in the marathon, despite his sprained ankle

n. 5 turn, inclination, direction, disposition, predisposition, tendency, bias, leaning, proclivity, propensity, partiality, prejudice; ability, aptitude, talent, gift She wished to follow the bent of her own taste He has a natural bent for music.

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