Meaning of BENT in English


[bent] n [ME, grassy place, bent grass, fr. OE beonot-; akin to OHG binuz rush] (14c) 1: unenclosed grassland

2. a (1): a reedy grass (2): a stalk of stiff coarse grass b: bent grass

[2]bent adj [ME, fr. pp. of benden to bend] (14c) 1: changed by bending out of an orig. straight or even condition "~ twigs"

2: strongly inclined: determined "was ~ on going" 3 slang a: different from the normal or usual b chiefly Brit: dishonest, corrupt [3]bent n [irreg. fr. [1]bend] (1586) 1 a: a strong inclination or interest: bias b: a special inclination or capacity: talent

2: capacity of endurance

3: a transverse framework (as in a bridge) to carry lateral as well as vertical loads syn see gift

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