Meaning of BENT in English


I. ˈbent noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, grassy place, bent grass, from Old English beonot- (in place names); akin to Old High German binuz rush


a. : unenclosed pastureland : field , moor

curlews crying over the snow-patched bent — John Buchan

b. archaic : hillside , slope



(1) : a reed, rush, or reedlike grass

a coastline grown over with sedge and bent

(2) : a stalk of stiff coarse grass

his spear a bent , both stiff and strong — Michael Drayton

b. : a beach grass ( Ammophila arenaria )

c. : dogstail 1

d. or bent grass : any grass of the genus Agrostis ; especially : any of several important pasture and lawn grasses that are typically perennial, rhizomatous, resistant to adverse conditions, and noted for their fine velvety or wiry herbage — see creeping bent

II. adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from past participle of benden to bend — more at bend


a. : changed by bending or being bent so as to be no longer in an original straight, level, or even condition

a boy fishing with a bent pin

a bent automobile fender

a bent head and sloping shoulders

b. : braced by being bent

a bent bow

c. : curved

bent glass


a. : strongly inclined : resolved, determined — used with on or upon

a country bent upon world domination

b. : actively engaged or occupied — used with on or upon

housewives bent on spring cleaning

III. noun

( -s )

Etymology: from bend, v., after such pairs as English descend: descent

1. obsolete : something curved or crooked : bend


a. : particular inclination or tendency : strong interest conducive to bias : bias

the bent of his mind … was at all times much to metaphysical theology — William Wordsworth

b. : a special and often inherent inclination, disposition, or capacity ; especially : one facilitating ready and easy learning or mastery

a decided bent for language

3. archaic : a curved state or form : curvature

4. : capacity of endurance

they fool me to the top of my bent — Shakespeare

5. : a framework transverse to the length of a structure (as a trestle, bridge, or long shed) usually designed to carry lateral as well as vertical loads

Synonyms: see gift

IV. adjective


1. : different from what is normal or usual: as

a. chiefly Britain : dishonest : corrupt

a basically straight guy making it in an unrepentantly bent world — Times Literary Supplement

b. : eccentric : crazy

she was so bent that she's probably a woman who ought to be locked up somewhere — Robert Redford

c. : homosexual

2. : extremely upset or angry — often used in the phrase bent out of shape

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