Meaning of BENT in English


I. bent 1 /bent/ BrE AmE

the past tense and past participle of ↑ bend

II. bent 2 BrE AmE adjective

1 . no longer straight:

a bent nail

Stand with your knees slightly bent.

He breathed in deeply, bent double in pain (=with the top part of your body leaning forward towards your legs) .

a bent old man (=not standing straight)

2 . bent on something completely determined to do something, especially something bad:

a crowd of hooligans bent on violence

be bent on doing something

They seemed bent on destroying his career.

⇨ ↑ hell-bent

3 . British English informal financially dishonest and willing to use your official position unfairly OPP honest :

a bent policeman

4 . British English informal not polite an insulting word meaning ↑ homosexual

5 . bent out of shape American English spoken very angry or upset

• • •


▪ bent no longer straight:

The knife was bent in the middle.


a bent nail


She kept her head bent so that Josie couldn't see her face.

▪ twisted having a bent shape that turns around - used especially when something has been damaged or is old and has lost its natural straight shape:

a twisted tree trunk


All that was left was a pile of twisted metal.


His knee was all twisted.


a twisted ankle

▪ curved bent in the shape of part of a circle, especially naturally or because something has been made that way:

The bird has a long curved bill.


a curved dagger


The plane's wings are curved.

▪ warped bent or twisted into the wrong shape because of heat or dryness:

warped floorboards


The windows are warped and won't open anymore.

▪ crooked not straight, but bending sharply in one or more places, especially in a way that looks different from normal or does not look right - often used about a part of someone's body, a path, or a picture:

He had crooked teeth.


her crooked nose and long thin face


The boys at school used to make fun of me because I have a crooked spine.


The picture looks crooked - can you move it up on the left?


a crooked path


the narrow crooked streets of the financial district

▪ wavy having smooth bends in it, usually in a regular pattern – used about hair or lines:

her brown wavy hair


The pictures were separated by a thin wavy line.

III. bent 3 BrE AmE noun [singular]

[ Date: 1500-1600 ; Origin: bent 'curve' (16-19 centuries) , from ⇨ ↑ bend 1 ]

formal special natural skill or interest in a particular area

musical/artistic/literary etc bent

readers of a more literary bent

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