Meaning of SPRAY in English


(~s, ~ing, ~ed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


Spray is a lot of small drops of water which are being thrown into the air.

The moon was casting a rainbow through the ~ from the waterfall...

N-VAR: oft N from/of n


A ~ is a liquid kept under pressure in a can or other container, which you can force out in very small drops. ~.

...a can of insect ~.



If you ~ a liquid somewhere or if it ~s somewhere, drops of the liquid cover a place or shower someone.

A ~er hooked to a tractor can ~ five gallons onto ten acres...

Two inmates hurled slates at prison officers ~ing them with a hose...

Drops of blood ~ed across the room.

VERB: V n prep/adv, V n with n, V prep


If a lot of small things ~ somewhere or if something ~s them, they are scattered somewhere with a lot of force.

A shower of mustard seeds ~ed into the air and fell into the grass...

The intensity of the blaze shattered windows, ~ing glass on the streets below...

The bullet slammed into the ceiling, ~ing them with bits of plaster.

VERB: V prep, V n prep, V n with n


If someone ~s bullets somewhere, they fire a lot of bullets at a group of people or things.

He ran to the top of the building ~ing bullets into shoppers below...

The army lorries were ~ed with machine gun fire from guerrillas in the woods.

VERB: V n prep/adv, V n with n


If something is ~ed, it is painted using paint kept under pressure in a container.

The bare metal was ~ed with several coats of primer.

VERB: usu passive, be V-ed with n, also V n colour


When someone ~s against insects, they cover plants or crops with a chemical which prevents insects feeding on them.

He doesn’t ~ against pests or diseases...

Confine the use of insecticides to the evening and do not ~ plants that are in flower...

Because of the immunity of the immature insects, it’s important to ~ regularly.

VERB: V against n, V n, V, also V n prep


A ~ is a piece of equipment for ~ing water or another liquid, especially over growing plants.



A ~ of flowers or leaves is a number of flowers or leaves on one stem or branch.

...a small ~ of freesias.

N-COUNT: N of n

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