Meaning of SPRAY in English

/ spreɪ; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ U , C ] very small drops of a liquid that are sent through the air, for example by the wind :

sea spray

A cloud of fine spray came up from the waterfall.

( figurative )

a spray of machine-gun bullets


[ U , C ] (especially in compounds) a substance that is forced out of a container such as an aerosol , in very small drops :

a can of insect spray (= used to kill insects)

body spray

—see also hairspray


[ C ] a device or container, for example an aerosol , that you use to apply liquid in fine drops :

a throat spray


[ C ] an act of applying liquid to sth in very small drops :

I gave the plants a quick spray.


[ C ] a small branch of a tree or plant, with its leaves and flowers or berries , that you use for decoration

SYN sprig


[ C ] an attractive arrangement of flowers or jewellery, that you wear :

a spray of orchids

■ verb


spray sth (on / onto / over sb/sth) | spray sb/sth (with sth) to cover sb/sth with very small drops of a liquid that are forced out of a container or sent through the air :

[ vn ]

Spray the conditioner onto your wet hair.

The crops are regularly sprayed with pesticide.

[ vn - adj ]

She's had the car sprayed blue.

[ v ]

Champagne sprayed everywhere.


spray sb/sth (with sth) to cover sb/sth with a lot of small things with a lot of force :

[ vn ]

The gunman sprayed the building with bullets.

[ v ]

Pieces of glass sprayed all over the room.


[ v ] ( especially of a male cat ) to leave small amounts of urine to mark its own area



noun senses 1 to 4 and verb early 17th cent. (earlier as spry ): related to Middle Dutch spra(e)yen sprinkle.

noun senses 5 to 6 Middle English : representing late Old English (e)sprei , recorded in personal and place names, of unknown origin.

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