Meaning of SPRAY in English


~ 1

■ noun liquid sent through the air in tiny drops.

↘a liquid preparation which can be forced out of an aerosol or other container in a ~.

■ verb

1》 apply (liquid) in a ~.

↘cover or treat with a ~.

↘(of liquid) be sent through the air in a ~.

↘(of a male cat) direct a stream of urine over (an object or area) to mark a territory.

2》 scatter over an area with force.


~able adjective

~er noun


C17 (orig. as spry ): related to MDu. spra(e)yen 'sprinkle'.


~ 2

■ noun

1》 a stem or small branch of a tree or plant, bearing flowers and foliage.

2》 a bunch of cut flowers arranged in an attractive way.

↘a brooch in the form of a bouquet.


ME: representing OE (e)sprei , recorded in personal and place names, of unknown origin.

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.