Meaning of TRAIN in English



Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


A ~ is a number of carriages, cars, or trucks which are all connected together and which are pulled by an engine along a railway. Trains carry people and goods from one place to another.

The ~ pulled into a station...

We can catch the early morning ~...

He arrived in Shenyang by ~ yesterday.

N-COUNT: also by N


A ~ of vehicles, people, or animals is a long line of them travelling slowly in the same direction.

...a long ~ of oil tankers.

N-COUNT: with supp, usu N of n


A ~ of thought or a ~ of events is a connected sequence, in which each thought or event seems to occur naturally or logically as a result of the previous one.

He lost his ~ of thought for a moment, then recovered it...

Giles set in motion a ~ of events which would culminate in tragedy.

N-COUNT: usu sing, N of n


The ~ of a woman’s formal dress or wedding dress is the long part at the back of it which flows along the floor behind her.



If a process or event is in ~ or has been set in ~, it is happening or starting to happen. (mainly BRIT; in AM, usually use in motion )

He praised the economic reforms set in ~ by the government.

PHRASE: v-link PHR, PHR after v


(~s, ~ing, ~ed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


If someone ~s you to do something, they teach you the skills that you need in order to do it. If you ~ to do something, you learn the skills that you need in order to do it.

The US was ready to ~ its troops to participate...

Stavros was ~ing to be a priest...

Psychiatrists initially ~ as doctors...

We don’t ~ them only in bricklaying, but also in other building techniques...

Companies tend to favour the lawyer who has ~ed with a good quality City firm...

I’m a ~ed nurse...

VERB: V n to-inf, V to-inf, V as/in n, V n as/in n, V, V-ed


Mr. Koutab is an American-~ed lawyer.


~er (~ers)

...a book for both teachers and teacher ~ers.



To ~ a natural quality or talent that someone has, for example their voice or musical ability, means to help them to develop it.

I see my degree as something which will ~ my mind and improve my chances of getting a job...



If you ~ for a physical activity such as a race or if someone ~s you for it, you prepare for it by doing particular physical exercises.

Strachan is ~ing for the new season...

He has spent a year ~ing crews for next month’s round the world race.

VERB: V for n, V n for n, also V, V n


She went to the gym with her ~er.



If an animal or bird is ~ed to do particular things, it is taught to do them, for example in order to be able to work for someone or to be a good pet.

Sniffer dogs could be ~ed to track them down.

...a man who ~ed hundreds of dogs...

VERB: be V-ed to-inf, V n, also V n to-inf


The horse made a winning start for his new ~er.



If you ~ something such as a gun, a camera, or a light on a person or thing, you aim it at them and keep it towards them.

She ~ed her binoculars on the horizon...

VERB: V n on n


If you ~ a tree, bush, or plant in a particular direction, you tie it and cut it so that it grows in that direction.

Instead of ~ing the shoots up the fence, lay them flat in both directions alongside it...

You could even put a trellis on your walls and ~ plants to grow up it.

VERB: V n prep, V n to-inf


see also ~ing

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