Meaning of PUT in English


n. 25B6; verb

she put the parcel on a chair : PLACE, set (down), lay (down), deposit, position, settle; leave, plant; informal stick, dump, bung, park, plonk, pop; N. Amer. informal plunk.

he didn't want to be put in a category : ASSIGN TO, consign to, allocate to, place in.

don't put the blame on me : LAY, pin, place, fix; attribute to, impute to, assign to, allocate to, ascribe to.

the proposals put to the committee : SUBMIT, present, tender, offer, proffer, advance, suggest, propose.

she put it bluntly : EXPRESS, word, phrase, frame, formulate, render, convey, couch; state, say, utter.

he put the cost at £8,000 : ESTIMATE, calculate, reckon, gauge, assess, evaluate, value, judge, measure, compute, fix, set; informal guesstimate.

25A0; put about the ship put about : TURN ROUND, come about, change course.

25A0; put something about the rumour had been put about : SPREAD, circulate, make public, disseminate, broadcast, publicize, pass on, propagate, bandy about.

25A0; put something across/over COMMUNICATE, convey, get across/over, explain, make clear, spell out, clarify; get through to someone.

25A0; put something aside

we've got a bit put aside in the bank : SAVE, put by, set aside, deposit, reserve, store, stockpile, hoard, stow, cache; informal salt away, squirrel away, stash away.

they put aside their differences : DISREGARD, set aside, ignore, forget, discount, bury.

25A0; put someone away (informal)

they put him away for life : JAIL, imprison, put in prison, put behind bars, lock up, incarcerate; informal cage; Brit. informal bang up, send down; N. Amer. informal jug.

you should be put away! : CERTIFY, commit, hospitalize, institutionalize, put in a psychiatric hospital.

25A0; put something away

I put away some money. : See put something aside sense 1.

she never puts her things away : REPLACE, put back, tidy away, tidy up, clear away.

(informal) she can put away a lot of food. : See eat sense 1.

25A0; put something back

he put the books back : REPLACE, return, restore, put away, tidy away.

they put back the film's release date. : See put something off .

25A0; put someone down

(informal) he often puts me down : CRITICIZE, belittle, disparage, deprecate, denigrate, slight, humiliate, shame, crush, squash, deflate; informal show up, cut down to size.

I put him down as shy : CONSIDER TO BE, judge to be, reckon to be, take to be; regard, have down, take for.

25A0; put something down

he put his ideas down on paper : WRITE DOWN, note down, jot down, take down, set down; list, record, register, log.

they put down the rebellion : SUPPRESS, check, crush, quash, squash, quell, overthrow, stamp out, repress, subdue.

the horse had to be put down : DESTROY, put to sleep, put out of its misery, put to death, kill.

put it down to the heat : ATTRIBUTE, ascribe, chalk up, impute; blame on.

25A0; put something forward . See put sense 4.

25A0; put in for APPLY FOR, put in an application for, try for; request, seek, ask for.

25A0; put someone off DETER, discourage, dissuade, daunt, unnerve, intimidate, scare off, repel, repulse; distract, disturb, divert, sidetrack; informal turn off.

25A0; put something off POSTPONE, defer, delay, put back, adjourn, hold over, reschedule, shelve, table; informal put on ice, put on the back burner.

25A0; put it on PRETEND, play-act, make believe, fake it, go through the motions.

25A0; put something on

she put on jeans : DRESS IN, don, pull on, throw on, slip into, change into; informal doll oneself up in.

I put the light on : SWITCH ON, turn on, activate.

they put on an extra train : PROVIDE, lay on, supply, make available.

the museum put on an exhibition : ORGANIZE, stage, mount, present, produce.

she put on an American accent : FEIGN, fake, simulate, affect, assume.

he put a fiver on Oxford United : BET, gamble, stake, wager; place, lay; risk, chance, hazard.

25A0; put one over on (informal) . See hoodwink .

25A0; put someone out

Maria was put out by the slur : ANNOY, anger, irritate, offend, affront, displease, irk, vex, pique, nettle, gall, upset; informal rile, miff, peeve; Brit. informal nark.

I don't want to put you out : INCONVENIENCE, trouble, bother, impose on, disoblige; informal put someone on the spot; formal discommode.

25A0; put something out

firemen put out the blaze : EXTINGUISH, quench, douse, smother; blow out, snuff out.

he put out a press release : ISSUE, publish, release, bring out, circulate, publicize, post.

25A0; put someone up

we can put him up for a few days : ACCOMMODATE, house, take in, lodge, quarter, billet; give someone a roof over their head.

they put up a candidate : NOMINATE, propose, put forward, recommend.

25A0; put something up

the building was put up 100 years ago : BUILD, construct, erect, raise.

she put up a poster : DISPLAY, pin up, stick up, hang up, post.

we put up alternative schemes : PROPOSE, put forward, present, submit, suggest, tender.

the chancellor put up taxes : INCREASE, raise; informal jack up, hike, bump up.

he put up most of the funding : PROVIDE, supply, furnish, give, contribute, donate, pledge, pay; informal fork out, cough up, shell out; N. Amer. informal ante up, pony up.

25A0; put upon (informal) TAKE ADVANTAGE OF, impose on, exploit, use, misuse; informal walk all over.

25A0; put someone up to something (informal) PERSUADE TO, encourage to, urge to, egg on to, incite to, goad into.

25A0; put up with TOLERATE, take, stand (for), accept, stomach, swallow, endure, bear, support, take something lying down; informal abide, lump it; Brit. informal stick, be doing with; formal brook; archaic suffer.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.