Meaning of PUT in English


/ pʊt; NAmE / verb

( put·ting , put , put ) [ vn ]



[+ adv. / prep. ] to move sth into a particular place or position :

Put the cases down there, please.

Did you put sugar in my coffee?

Put your hand up if you need more paper.


[+ adv. / prep. ] to move sth into a particular place or position using force :

He put his fist through a glass door.


[+ adv. / prep. ] to cause sb/sth to go to a particular place :

Her family put her into a nursing home.

It was the year the Americans put a man on the moon.



[+ adv. / prep. ] to attach or fix sth to sth else :

We had to put new locks on all the doors.



[usually + adv. / prep. ] to write sth or make a mark on sth :

Put your name here.

Friday at 11? I'll put it in my diary.

I couldn't read what she had put.



[+ adv. / prep. ] to bring sb/sth into the state or condition mentioned :

I was put in charge of the office.

The incident put her in a bad mood.

Put yourself in my position . What would you have done?

I tried to put the matter into perspective .

Don't go putting yourself at risk .

It was time to put their suggestion into practice .

This new injury will put him out of action for several weeks.



[+ adv. / prep. ] put sth on / onto / to sth to make sb/sth feel sth or be affected by sth :

Her new job has put a great strain on her.

They put pressure on her to resign.

It's time you put a stop to this childish behaviour.



put sth on sth to give or attach a particular level of importance, trust, value, etc. to sth :

Our company puts the emphasis on quality.

He put a limit on the amount we could spend.


[+ adv. / prep. ] to consider sb/sth to belong to the class or level mentioned :

I'd put her in the top rank of modern novelists.



[+ adv. / prep. ] to express or state sth in a particular way :

She put it very tactfully.

Put simply , we accept their offer or go bankrupt.

I was, to put it mildly , annoyed (= I was extremely angry) .

He was too trusting—or, to put it another way , he had no head for business.

The meat was— how shall I put it? —a little overdone.

As T.S. Eliot puts it ...

She had never tried to put this feeling into words .

Can you help me put this letter into good English, please?



to throw the shot


Most idioms containing put are at the entries for the nouns and adjectives in the idioms, for example put your foot in it is at foot .  

- put it about

- I wouldn't put it past sb (to do sth)

- put it to sb that ...

- put one over on sb

- put sb through it

- put together

- put up or shut up


- put sth about

- put sth above sth

- put yourself / sth across / over (to sb)

- put sth aside

- put sb/sth at sth

- put sb away

- put sth away

- put sth back

- put sth before / above sth

- put sth behind you

- put sth by

- put down

- put sb down

- put sth down

- put sb down as sth

- put sb down for sth

- put sth down to sth

- put sth forth

- put yourself / sb forward

- put sth forward

- put sb in

- put sth in

- put in (at ... ) | put into ...

- put in for sth

- put yourself / sb / sth in for sth

- put sth into sth

- put sb off

- put sb off sth/sb

- put sth off

- put sb on

- put sth on

- put sth on sth

- put sb onto sb/sth

- put out (for sb)

- put yourself out (for sb)

- put sb out

- put sth out

- put out (to ... / from ... )

- put yourself / sth over (to sb)

- put sth through

- put sb through sth

- put sb/sth through (to sb / ... )

- put sb to sth

- put sth to sb

- put sth together

- put sth towards sth

- put up sth

- put sb up

- put sth up

- put up (at ... )

- put up for sth | put yourself up for sth

- put sb up to sth

- put up with sb/sth



Old English (recorded only in the verbal noun putung ), of unknown origin; compare with dialect pote to push, thrust (an early sense of the verb put ).

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