Meaning of ROLL in English

n. 25B6; verb

the bottle rolled down the table : BOWL, turn over and over, spin, rotate.

waiters rolled in the trolleys : WHEEL, push, trundle.

we rolled past fields : TRAVEL, go, move, pass, cruise, sweep.

the months rolled by : PASS, go by, slip by, fly by, elapse, wear on, march on.

tears rolled down her cheeks : FLOW, run, course, stream, pour, spill, trickle.

the mist rolled in : BILLOW, undulate, tumble.

he rolled his handkerchief into a ball : WIND, coil, fold, curl; twist.

roll out the pastry : FLATTEN, level; even out.

they rolled about with laughter : STAGGER, lurch, reel, totter, teeter, wobble.

the ship began to roll : LURCH, toss, rock, pitch, plunge, sway, reel, list, keel.

thunder rolled : RUMBLE, reverberate, echo, resound, boom, roar, grumble.

25B6; noun

a roll of wrapping paper : CYLINDER, tube, scroll; bolt.

a roll of film : REEL, spool.

a roll of notes : WAD, bundle.

a roll of the dice : THROW, toss, turn, spin.

crusty rolls : BREAD ROLL, bun, bagel; Brit. bap, muffin; N. English barm; N. Amer. hoagie; Military slang wad. See list at bread .

the electoral roll : LIST, register, directory, record, file, index, catalogue, inventory; census.

a roll of thunder : RUMBLE, reverberation, echo, boom, clap, crack, roar, grumble.

25A0; roll in (informal)

money has been rolling in : POUR IN, flood in, flow in.

he rolled in at nine o'clock : ARRIVE, turn up, appear, show one's face; informal show up, roll up, blow in.

25A0; rolling in it (informal) . See rich sense 1.

25A0; roll something out UNROLL, spread out, unfurl, unfold, open (out), unwind, uncoil.

25A0; roll something up FOLD (UP), furl, wind up, coil (up), bundle up.

25A0; roll up (informal) . See roll in sense 2.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.