Meaning of ROLL in English

v. 1 rotate, cycle, turn (over (and over)), wheel, trundle; revolve, go (a)round, orbit, tumble, somersault or somerset or summersault or summerset Th landlord rolled another barrel beer into the pub The children loved rolling about in the ride at the fun fair. 2 pass, go, flow, slip, flit, glide, slide, move (on); expire, elapse, disappear, vanish, evaporate The time certainly rolls by quickly when you're having fun 3 move, drive, bowl, be carried or conveyed, cruise, sail, coast, ride, float, fly We rolled down the road, singing and laughing 4 undulate, billow, rise and fall The countryside rolled away before us as far as the eye could see 5 roar, echo, re-echo, rumble, reverberate, resound, sound, boom, peal, resonate, thunder The roar of the explosion rolled over us as we ran for cover 6 rob, steal from They got their money by rolling drunks 7 Often, roll out. flatten, level (off or out), smooth (out), even (out), grade After cutting, the lawn ought to be rolled 8 Usually, roll over. turn (over), rotate, spin Roll onto your stomach so I can examine your back 9 Usually, roll up. furl, coil, curl, wind (up), wrap (up); enwrap, swathe, enfold, envelop, shroud, enshroud Every night he takes down the banner and carefully rolls it Cleopatra was rolled up in a rug to be smuggled past the guards. 10 roll in. a arrive, come in, pour in, flow in, turn up, show up The contributions really started to roll in after the appeal b luxuriate in, revel in, wallow in, savour, bask in, delight in, take pleasure in, indulge in, rejoice in, relish Basil has been rolling in unaccustomed wealth since his aunt died 11 roll out. unroll, unfurl, spread (out), unfold, uncoil, uncurl, unwind, open (out) Roll out the bolt of cloth so that we can measure it

n. 12 reel, spool, cylinder, scroll; tube The message was written on a long roll of paper 13 list, rota, register, record, directory, listing, roster, slate, docket, catalogue, inventory, muster, index, census, annal(s), schedule, chronicle(s), Sports line-up With great ceremony, the clerk read the roll 14 rolling, billowing, waving, wave action, wave, billow, swell, undulation, pitching, rocking, tossing With each roll of the boat, I felt more seasick 15 peal, rumble, reverberation, boom, echo, thunder, roar A roll of thunder drowned out her shouts 16 rotation, spin, toss, whirl, twirl I decided to bet everything on one last roll of the dice 17 bun; scone, croissant; Brit bread-roll, bap, split Waiter, would you please bring some more rolls? 18 bankroll, money, wad, bundle: He took out a roll of notes and peeled off five twenties

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