Meaning of STAND in English

n. 25B6; verb

Lionel stood in the doorway : BE ON ONE'S FEET, be upright, be erect, be vertical.

the men stood up : RISE, get/rise to one's feet, get up, straighten up, pick oneself up, find one's feet, be upstanding; formal arise.

today a house stands on the site : BE, be situated, be located, be positioned, be sited, have been built.

he stood the book on the shelf : PUT, set, set up, erect, up-end, place, position, locate, prop, lean, stick, install, arrange; informal park.

my decision stands : REMAIN IN FORCE, remain valid/effective/operative, remain in operation, hold, hold good, apply, be the case, exist; formal obtain.

his heart could not stand the strain : WITHSTAND, endure, bear, put up with, take, cope with, handle, sustain, resist, stand up to.

(informal) I won't stand cheek : ENDURE, tolerate, bear, put up with, stomach, take, abide, support, countenance; Scottish thole; informal swallow; Brit. informal stick, wear; formal brook.

sit, lie, sit down, lie down.

25B6; noun

the party's stand on immigration : ATTITUDE, stance, point of view, viewpoint, opinion, way of thinking, outlook, standpoint, position, approach, thinking, policy, line.

a stand against tyranny : OPPOSITION, resistance, objection, hostility, animosity.

a large mirror on a stand : BASE, support, mounting, platform, rest, plinth, bottom; tripod, rack, trivet.

a beer stand : STALL, counter, booth, kiosk, tent.

a taxi stand : RANK, station, park, bay.

the train drew to a stand : STOP, halt, standstill, dead stop.

a stand of trees : COPSE, spinney, thicket, grove.

25A0; stand by WAIT, be prepared, be in (a state of) readiness, be ready for action, be on full alert, wait in the wings.

25A0; stand by someone/something

she stood by her husband : REMAIN/BE LOYAL TO, stick with/by, remain/be true to, stand up for, support, back up, defend, stick up for.

the government must stand by its pledges : ABIDE BY, keep (to), adhere to, hold to, stick to, observe, comply with.

25A0; stand down RELAX, stand easy, come off full alert.

25A0; stand for

V stands for volts : MEAN, be an abbreviation of, represent, signify, denote, indicate, symbolize.

(informal) I won't stand for any nonsense : PUT UP WITH, endure, tolerate, stomach, accept, take, abide, stand, support, countenance; informal swallow; Brit. informal stick, wear; formal brook.

we stand for animal welfare : ADVOCATE, champion, uphold, defend, stand up for, support, back, endorse, be in favour of, promote, recommend, urge.

25A0; stand in DEPUTIZE, act, act as deputy, substitute, fill in, sit in, do duty, take over, act as locum, be a proxy, cover, hold the fort, step into the breach; replace, relieve, take over from; informal sub, fill someone's shoes, step into someone's shoes; N. Amer. pinch-hit.

25A0; stand out

his veins stood out : PROJECT, stick out, bulge (out), be proud, jut (out).

she stood out in the crowd : BE NOTICEABLE, be visible, be obvious, be conspicuous, stick out, be striking, be distinctive, be prominent, attract attention, catch the eye, leap out, show up; informal stick/stand out a mile, stick/stand out like a sore thumb.

25A0; stand up REMAIN/BE VALID, be sound, be plausible, hold water, hold up, stand questioning, survive investigation, bear examination, be verifiable.

25A0; stand someone up FAIL TO KEEP A DATE WITH, fail to meet, fail to keep an appointment with, jilt.

25A0; stand up for someone/something SUPPORT, defend, back, back up, stick up for, champion, promote, uphold, take someone's part, take the side of, side with.

25A0; stand up to someone/something

she stood up to her parents : DEFY, confront, challenge, resist, take on, put up a fight against, argue with, take a stand against.

the old house has stood up to the war : WITHSTAND, survive, come through (unscathed), outlast, outlive, weather, ride out, ward off.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.