Meaning of STAND in English

I. ˈstand, -aa(ə)nd verb

( stood ˈstu̇d ; stood ; standing ; stands )

Etymology: Middle English standen, stonden, from Old English standan, stondan; akin to Old High German stantan, stān to stand, Old Norse standa, Gothic standan, Latin stare, Greek histanai to cause to stand, set, place, histashai to be standing, stēnai to come to a stand, Sanskrit tiṣṭhati he stands

intransitive verb


a. : to support oneself on the feet in an essentially erect position — compare lie , sit , kneel

b. : to be a specified height when fully erect

stands six feet two in his socks

a horse standing over fifteen hands at the shoulders

c. : to rise to an erect position : stand up


a. : to take up or maintain a specified position or posture

stand aloof from an argument

stand aside and let me pass

asked the crowd to stand back

warned to stand clear of the swinging boom

stand at attention

b. : to hold one's ground : maintain one's position

stand firm

stand fast

stand still

: resist attack

choose whether to run away or stand and fight it out

stood at bay facing his tormentors


a. : to assume and maintain a particular position or attitude with respect to some question or course of action

how does he stand on the disarmament question

: be firm and steadfast in support or opposition

has always stood firmly for states' rights

b. : to be in a particular state or situation

stands revealed as a liar

stands accused of betraying his friend

his bank account stood at low level

stands under heavy obligation to me

4. : to hold a course at sea : sail in a specified direction

stand out from the shore

stand for the harbor

5. obsolete : hesitate , scruple

stand at murder


a. : to have or maintain a relative position in or as if in a graded scale of value or estimation

stands first in his class

stands high with his uncle just now

b. : to be in a position to gain or lose because of an action taken or commitment made

stands to realize a handsome profit on his investment


a. : to choose to play a hand of cards as dealt (as in écarté or twenty-one)

b. : to accept the turnup as trump (as in seven-up)

8. chiefly Britain : to be a candidate for a position or office : run

will stand for reelection in his own district


a. : to rest or remain upright on a base or lower end

a clock stood on the mantel

a ladder standing against the wall

— opposed to lie

b. : to occupy a place or location

an elm stands before the house

the house stands on a knoll facing the sea

c. : to be or stay upright in place

trees still standing after the hurricane

d. : to stay or remain in the usual position of use

left the dishes standing on the table


a. : to remain stationary or inactive

the car stood in the garage for a week

stand waiting for the green light

specifically of a vehicle : to stay briefly (as for loading) in a public or private way

b. of a liquid : to lie or remain without flowing or circulating or being stirred or shaken up

rainwater standing in stagnant pools

let the wine stand so that the lees will settle

c. : to gather slowly and remain

sweat stood on his brow

tears standing in her eyes

11. : to be consistent : agree , accord — used especially in the expression it stands to reason


a. : to exist in a definite written or printed form

copy a passage exactly as it stands in the original

the spelling of a name as it stands in the early charters

enforce a law just as it stands in the record

b. : to remain valid or efficacious

the order given last week still stands

13. of the wind , archaic : to come from or be in a specified place or condition

the wind stands in the west


a. of a hunting dog

(1) : point

(2) : range

stands over more ground than is usual with hounds of other breeds — Dog World

b. of a male animal : to be available as a sire — used especially of horses

his sire now stands in France

the average stallion stands for about seven years

c. of a female animal : to accept the male : be in heat

transitive verb


a. : to endure or undergo successfully

stand the cold

stand the test of time

how his motives would stand a closer scrutiny

b. : tolerate , bear

cannot stand criticism

can't stand the thought of losing all that money

c. : to endure the presence of

I never could stand that fellow

2. : to resist without yielding or retreating : remain firm in the face of

stand gunfire

stand a siege

3. : to submit to : agree to abide by : accept the result of : risk

stand the judgment of a Roman senate — Joseph Addison

brought back to stand trial for forgery


a. : to perform the duty of

as I did stand my watch upon the hill — Shakespeare

stood guard over the treasure

b. : to participate in (a formation)

stand reveille

5. : to pay the cost of (as a treat) : pay for

I'll stand you a dinner

standing drinks for the crowd

6. : to set upright : cause to stand

picked the child up and stood him on his feet

stand a board on end

7. of a hunting dog : point , set

stand game

8. : to make available (a stallion) for breeding especially as a public stud

9. : to provide standing room for

this bus stands 41 people

Synonyms: see bear

- stand a chance

- stand and deliver

- stand by

- stand by one's guns

- stand easy

- stand for

- stand in hand

- stand mute

- stand on

- stand one's ground

- stand on one's own feet

- stand over

- stand pat

- stand the gaff

- stand the racket

- stand to

- stand together

- stand treat

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English stand, stond, from standen, stonden to stand


a. : an act of stopping or staying in one place

b. : standstill

the team was finally brought to a stand


a. : a halt (as in a retreat or flight) for defense or resistance

b. : a defensive effort of some duration or degree of success

a gallant stand at the bridge

rallied his forces for a final stand

a record 5th-wicket stand by a cricket batsman

desperate goal-line stand


(1) : a stop made by a touring theatrical company to give a performance

a one-night stand

(2) : a town where such a company stops for a performance

d. : a place for travelers to stop along a road

the old stand on the stage line — American Guide Series: Tennessee


a. : a place or post where one stands : station , position

a beggar's customary stand near the gate

urged to take a definite stand on the question of civil rights

b. : a place where the hunter stands awaiting the game that is being driven toward him


a. : the place taken by a witness for testifying in court : witness-box

took the stand in his own defense

b. : a section of the tiered seats for spectators of an outdoor sport or spectacle ; also : the occupants of such seats — usually used in plural

a roar of applause from the stands

the ball went into the stands behind third base

— compare grandstand

c. : a raised platform for viewing a race or other spectacle

judges' stand

the troops saluted as they passed the reviewing stand

d. : an outdoor platform for speakers or performers

e. : bandstand

f. : a place where a stallion is made available for breeding


a. : a small often open-air structure for a small retail business

cigar stand

roadside fruit stand

hotdog stand

specifically : newsstand

after the latest edition hit the stands

b. : a site for business opportunity

a good stand for a drugstore

6. : a place at which a vehicle regularly stops or is parked when waiting for passengers

bus stand

taxi stand

7. archaic : a large container: as

a. : cask

b. : tub

stand of lard

c. : an open barrel

8. dialect : hive I 2


a. : a small table

b. : a frame on or in which something may be placed for support

umbrella stand

music stand

reading stand

salt and pepper stand

stand for firing a rocket

c. : a base on which something may be placed for exhibit or use : standard , pedestal

typewriter stand


a. : the state of the tide at high or low water when there is no sensible change of level

b. : stillstand 2a


a. chiefly Scotland : a complete set (as of clothes) : suit

b. plural stand or stands chiefly Britain : a complete set of arms for one soldier

c. : a set of two or more related rolls in a rolling mill

d. : a unit of drill pipe consisting of two or more lengths coupled together with threaded pipe couplings

e. : a unit of machinery (as for milking, cotton ginning)

12. : a growth of plants (as trees) ; especially : the number or density on a given area

a good stand of corn

a mixed stand of hardwoods and conifers

timber thinned to a proper stand

— compare catch 8

13. Africa : lot 6b

14. : the erect part of a turned-over collar from the neckline to the crease — compare fall 1d(3)

15. : a standing posture

the tumblers ended the stunt in a stand

- at a stand

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