Meaning of TOP in English

n. 25B6; noun

the top of the cliff : SUMMIT, peak, pinnacle, crest, crown, brow, head, tip, apex, vertex.

the top of the table : UPPER PART, upper surface, upper layer.

the carrots' green tops : LEAVES, shoots, stem, stalk.

the top of the coffee jar : LID, cap, cover, stopper, cork.

a short-sleeved top : SWEATER, jumper, jersey, sweat shirt; T-shirt, shirt; blouse.

by 1981 he was at the top of his profession : HIGH POINT, height, peak, pinnacle, zenith, acme, culmination, climax, crowning point; prime.

bottom, base.

25B6; adjective

the top floor : HIGHEST, topmost, uppermost, upmost.

the world's top scientists : FOREMOST, leading, principal, pre-eminent, greatest, best, finest, elite; informal top-notch.

the organization's top management : CHIEF, principal, main, leading, highest, highest-ranking, ruling, commanding, most powerful, most important.

a top Paris hotel : PRIME, excellent, superb, superior, choice, select, top-quality, top-grade, first-rate, first-class, grade A, best, finest, premier, superlative, second to none; informal A1, top-notch.

they are travelling at top speed : MAXIMUM, maximal, greatest, utmost.

bottom, lowest, minimum.

25B6; verb

sales are expected to top £1.3 billion : EXCEED, surpass, go beyond, better, best, beat, outstrip, outdo, outshine, eclipse, go one better than.

their debut CD is currently topping the charts : LEAD, head, be at the top of.

they topped the rise of a mist-shrouded valley : REACH THE TOP OF, crest, climb, scale, ascend, mount.

chocolate mousse topped with cream : COVER, cap, coat, smother; finish, garnish.

25A0; over the top (informal) EXCESSIVE, immoderate, inordinate, extreme, exaggerated, extravagant, overblown, too much, unreasonable, disproportionate, undue, unwarranted, uncalled for, unnecessary, going too far; informal a bit much, OTT.

25A0; top something up FILL, refill, refresh, freshen, replenish, recharge, resupply; supplement, add to, augment.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.