Meaning of TOP in English


1. the top part of something

2. at the top of something

3. when something is nearest the top




on top of : ↑ ON/ON TOP OF

the best : ↑ BEST

see also

↑ UP



1. the top part of something

▷ top /tɒpǁtɑːp/ [countable noun]

the top or highest part of something :

▪ When you paint, you should start at the top and work your way down.

top of

▪ The top of the mountain is covered with snow.

▪ The tops of the trees swayed in the breeze.

▪ There’s a wonderful view from the top of the tower.

tree-top/roof-top/hill-top etc

▪ I looked out over the roof-tops towards the mountains beyond.

▷ summit /ˈsʌmɪt, ˈsʌmət/ [countable noun]

the top of a mountain :

▪ It took the climbers four hours to reach the summit.

summit of

▪ In the distance we could see the snow-covered summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

▪ We took a small train to the summit of Pike’s Peak.

▷ crest /krest/ [countable noun] especially written

the top of a hill or wave :

▪ There’s a trail up there that follows the length of the crest.

crest of

▪ When I reached the crest of the hill, I turned to look back.

▪ In the distance we could see a small boat riding the crests of the waves.

2. at the top of something

▷ on top /ɒn ˈtɒpǁ-ˈtɑːp/ [adverb]

on the top surface or highest point of something :

▪ She brought me an enormous dish of ice cream with a bright red cherry on top.

on top of

▪ The church stood on top of a hill.

▪ On top of the cupboard was an old trunk, covered in dust.

▷ at the top /ət ðə ˈtɒpǁ-ˈtɑːp/ [adverb]

on or near the top of something :

▪ The vase has a small crack at the top.

at the top of

▪ He was waiting for me at the top of the stairs.

▪ Don’t forget to write your name at the top of the test before you turn it in.

3. when something is nearest the top

▷ top /tɒpǁtɑːp/ [adjective only before noun]

▪ The books are on the top shelf.

▪ Put the papers in the top drawer of the filing cabinet.

▪ We moved into an apartment on the top floor of the building.

▷ upper /ˈʌpəʳ/ [adjective only before noun]

at the top above the lower part of something :

▪ Several of her upper teeth were missing.

▪ He already had a light growth of hair on his upper lip.

▪ Most meteorites do not make it through Earth’s upper atmosphere.

▷ topmost/uppermost /ˈtɒpməʊstǁˈtɑːp-, ˈʌpəʳməʊst/ [adjective only before noun] formal

the topmost or uppermost part of something is the highest of all its parts, right at the top :

▪ Human bones were found in the uppermost level of rock.

▪ Janey went to the back of the house, sat on the topmost step, and wept.

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