Meaning of GROSS in English


■ adjective

1》 unattractively large or bloated.

2》 vulgar; coarse.

↘ informal very unpleasant; repulsive.

3》 blatantly wrong or unacceptable: ~ human rights abuses.

4》 (of income, profit, or interest) without deduction of tax or other contributions; total. Often contrasted with net 2 .

↘(of weight) including contents or other variable items; overall.

■ adverb without tax or other contributions having been deducted.

■ verb

1》 produce or earn (an amount of money) as ~ profit or income.

↘( ~ something up ) add deductions such as tax to a net amount.

2》 ( ~ someone out ) N. Amer. informal disgust someone.

■ noun

1》 ( plural same) an amount equal to twelve dozen; 144.

2》 ( plural ~es ) a ~ profit or income.


~ly adverb

~ness noun


ME (in the sense 'thick, massive'): from OFr. gros , ~e 'large', from late L. ~us ; sense 1 of the noun is from Fr. ~e douzaine , lit. 'large dozen'.

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