Meaning of GROSS in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ɡrəus ]

adj., v., & n. --adj. 1 overfed, bloated; repulsively fat. 2 (of a person, manners, or morals) noticeably coarse, unrefined, or indecent. 3 flagrant; conspicuously wrong (gross negligence). 4 total; without deductions; not net (gross tonnage; gross income). 5 a luxuriant, rank. b thick, solid, dense. 6 (of the senses etc.) dull; lacking sensitivity. produce or earn as gross profit or income. --n. (pl. same) an amount equal to twelve dozen. øby the gross in large quantities; wholesale. gross domestic product the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country in one year. gross national product the gross domestic product plus the total of net income from abroad. gross out US sl. disgust, esp. by repulsive or obscene behaviour. gross up increase (a net amount) to its value before deductions. øøgrossly adv. grossness n. [ME f. OF gros grosse large f. LL grossus: (n.) f. F grosse douzaine large dozen]

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