Meaning of GROSS in English


superl coarse; rough; not fine or delicate.

2. gross ·adj the main body; the chief part, bulk, or mass.

3. gross ·superl thick; dense; not attenuated; as, a gross medium.

4. gross ·superl great; large; bulky; fat; of huge size; excessively large.

5. gross ·superl not easily aroused or excited; not sensitive in perception or feeling; dull; witless.

6. gross (·sg & ·pl) the number of twelve dozen; twelve times twelve; as, a gross of bottles; ten gross of pens.

7. gross ·superl great; palpable; serious; vagrant; shameful; as, a gross mistake; gross injustice; gross negligence.

8. gross ·superl expressing, or originating in, animal or sensual appetites; hence, coarse, vulgar, low, obscene, or impure.

9. gross ·superl whole; entire; total; without deduction; as, the gross sum, or gross amount, the gross weight;

— opposed to net.

Webster English vocab.      Английский словарь Webster.