Meaning of GROSS in English


I. adjective


a gross exaggeration (= very great and untrue )

The figures in this report are a gross exaggeration.

a gross violation (= a very serious violation )

They had committed gross violations of the law.

broad/sweeping/gross generalization

a sweeping generalization based on speculation

gross domestic product

gross earnings (= before tax has been paid )

You can usually borrow up to three times the value of your gross earnings per year.

gross income (= income before you have paid tax )

The family’s gross income has increased by 5% this year.

gross insubordination

Howell was fired for gross insubordination .

gross margin

gross misconduct (= very serious misconduct )

She was found guilty of gross misconduct .

gross national product

gross profit ( also pre-tax profit ) (= before tax and costs are paid )

The hotel group made a gross profit of £51.9 million in 2008.

gross profit

gross/net expenditure (= the total amount a company spends before/after any tax or costs have been taken away )

Spending on research and development represents 13% of our gross expenditure.




That is a gross distortion of the truth.

Moreover, an obsessive focus on Caravaggio panders to fashion and is a gross distortion of history.

This is obviously a gross distortion of the 50 percent ratio that we expect.


A similar picture emerges in relation to the distribution of gross earnings among female manual workers.

The agent's percentage comes from the band's gross earnings at gigs.


But unless there is gross exaggeration or fabrication of symptoms, these should not he described as Meadow's syndrome.

The first sentence in that passage is, of course, a gross exaggeration .

It was a gross exaggeration , but there was a grain of truth in it.


Conversely, he knows that a drop in gross income will de-motivate.

If adjusted gross income is high enough, large amounts of business expense deductions will be lost under this 2 percent formula.

Thus, in the top tenth of pensioner income groups, social security contributes only a quarter of gross income.

Companies putting up factories at Subic can import goods for free and pay only a 5 percent tax on gross income .

Traditionally, management commission rates have ranged from 15 to 25 percent of the band's gross income .

The full deduction would be available for couples filing jointly with adjusted gross incomes of up to $ 100, 000.

So the recent fall in house-moving business would have cut gross income by about a fifth and net income by much more.

If gross income is below £25,000, receipts and payments accounts and a statements of assets and liabilities will do.


They were bailed to appear before Liverpool magistrates next month, when they will face charges of gross indecency .

The Court of Appeal allowed the appellant's appeal against conviction of committing an act of gross indecency .

The appellant, Norman Mattison, was charged with committing an act of gross indecency with his co-defendant.

The co-defendant pleaded guilty to a charge of committing an act of gross indecency with the appellant.

And today, police confirmed the Bishop had been formally cautioned for an act of gross indecency .

He was prosecuted, convicted of gross indecency and given a two-year conditional discharge in November 1996.

After retiring the jury returned with a notice asking whether the co-defendant was charged with gross indecency with the appellant only.

This act of gross indecency provoked stern disapproval from the tour guide.


Only people whose total income is less than their personal allowances are allowed to register for gross interest payments.


Where no allowance is made for this depreciation in the calculation of investment , the resulting figure is called gross investment.

Take an investment of £1,000 achieving a gross investment return of 7 percent a year.

Specifically, where I t gross investment in the current year; b and c constant coefficients.

In real terms, gross investment in manufacturing fell by more than a third between 1979 and its lowest point in 1983.

Until April 1971 public expenditure included spending by central and local government and gross investment by the nationalized industries.


It is really an accounting problem, and a balance must be struck between channel expense, profit and gross margins .

The gross margin was 20. 7 percent in the fourth quarter.

These machines have a gross margin of 50 percent.

It blamed lower holiday sales, crimped gross margin , stormy weather and higher costs.

The manufacturer using longer channels will have relatively lower gross margins , coupled with lower channel expenses.

But old habits die hard, and Apple has shown a proclivity to chase market share while hand-wringing over shrinking gross margins .

In the year-ago first quarter, gross margin was 50.8%.

A gross margin of $ 62, 500 is anticipated on $ 250, 000 in sales.


We usually treat physical violence towards others as gross misconduct and this could result in summary dismissal.

In any case of gross misconduct no notice or pay would be due.

An employer need not give any notice if the employee's conduct constitutes gross misconduct justifying instant dismissal.

He was suspended from duty and then, in November, found guilty of gross misconduct .

The employers learned of the letters and summarily dismissed the employees for gross misconduct .

He was dismissed for gross misconduct , which seems to have centred on drug taking and homosexual activities.

There was a contractual term dealing with summary dismissal for gross misconduct .

Mrs Jonker, of Southport, said Miss Owen had been sacked for gross misconduct after written and verbal warnings.


No coach- or cart-horses, subject to hard work and gross negligence and ignorance were likely to be presented.

No. 177, 1989, proposed to abolish manslaughter by gross negligence .

The term gross negligence was never defined in the cases.

Examples help to show the distinction between carelessness and gross negligence .

Omissions cases falling within manslaughter by recklessness or gross negligence have also been set apart from cases of positive acts.

If so, the law has been extended from gross negligence to carelessness.

A manslaughter conviction would require proof of recklessness or, possibly, gross negligence .

Even after Seymour gross negligence and recklessness are used interchangeably.


In both cases your gross pay will be as normal, unless you have exhausted the full sickness allowance.

It shows their tax code number and details of their gross pay and tax deducted to date.


This represents a difference or rather gross profit of 65p per dozen or £14.98 per bird over the same period.

Sales less cost of sales yields a gross profit of $ 350.

The possibility of a high gross profit margin. 6.

Certainly one of the most important and most sensitive variables to be estimated is the gross profit margin.

However, gross profit was down only £2m to £94m.

The difference between sales and cost of sales is the gross profit which is distributed as tax and dividends.

Water Assessment 1992 was an excellent year for oceanographic and water related work, with a gross profit significantly ahead of budget.

A particular case that I remember was the client's stock calculations geared to achieving the required gross profit percentage.


These clauses give the talent a percentage of the movie's gross receipts .

They will report back the general sentiment on sales tax, gross receipts tax, business transaction tax.


Adjustments to 1991's figures have been made wherever possible to reflect gross revenues .


It would be a gross violation to carry out noisy or even physically energetic rituals or ceremonial activities at them.


However, from the capitalists' point of view it is gross wages that are computed as costs.

Firms still choose the quantity of labour demanded to equate the gross wage to the marginal value product of labour.


That would be about sixty pounds from a side of 300 pounds gross weight of medium yield grade.


The current gross yield is about 5.46 percent gross.

Initial gross yield is estimated at 6.6%.

At the initial offer price for the unit trust of 50p, the estimated gross yield is 6.25%.

They range from 8.10 percent to 9.68 percent and the weighted average gross yield is over 8.5 percent.

Estimated gross yield at 100p is 4.5% a year.


a gross income of $150,000

Brad threw up on the floor at the party. It was really gross .

My gross annual income, before tax, is just over £18,000.

Ooh, gross ! The dog just threw up on the carpet!

The gross weight of the package is 10 kilos, including the packaging.

The company's gross earnings were up $12 million over last year.


By contrast, the gross margin on an alternative remedy is typically 30 percent, Toth said.

Dini said inflation was kept to a moderate pace during the year, even as gross domestic product rose 3 percent.

In the mid-1970s, public spending peaked at over 49 percent of our gross national product.

Obviously you get more used to it the more often you do it, but it's still pretty gross .

That factory turned out to be a short-lived exercise and a gross waste of Government money.

The expected gross initial yield is 6.5%.

Various tests suggested gross retardation by the end of the first year.

II. adverb


She earns about $100,000 a year gross .

III. verb




These are combined to give an overall requirement which is grossed up for tax and converted into the local currency.

With the associated tax break, the promised returns could gross up into handsome rewards.

Any assessment on the beneficiaries to income tax can never be more than on the £65 grossed up .

A correction factor was then applied, as before, to gross up for the entire Scotch Whisky industry.



I hoped that it would gross $ 40 million because the movie cost 34.

Combination stores may gross $ 8 million or more in sales annually.

The theater currently grosses $ 14 million a year, $ 900,000 of which goes to the city.


Tourism is our second biggest contributor - after North Sea oil - to gross domestic product .


If you gross over $100,000, you should consult a good tax accountant.

Jack grosses $58,000 a year, but he has to pay taxes and health insurance out of that.

The animated film "Jungle Book" grossed $7.7 million.

Walmax, a California superstore, grosses more than eight million dollars annually.


He was trying to gross me out.

Hoffert said the business grossed about $ 285,000 last year, and will do better in 2000.

If it grossed 40 with video and everything, then they'd have made a good profit.

If you found the opening pitch a bit over the top, the follow-up would gross you out completely.

The theater currently grosses $ 14 million a year, $ 900,000 of which goes to the city.

Three years later, he had acquired a chain of theaters that grossed $ 10, 000 a week.

With the associated tax break, the promised returns could gross up into handsome rewards.

IV. noun


a gross of pencils

Cats has made a gross of over $460 million in the United States alone.


I just thought, you know, how much gross are they going to get?

Keno accounted for 16 percent of its gross , or $ 421 million gross sales the past fiscal year.

May you now dance in the streets and support a gross of towns!

Sums of less than £25,000 earn 5.7 per cent gross , while sums of more than £25,000 earn 5.95 per cent gross.

The average Kirby factory distributor grosses more than $ 1 million a year, he says, and many gross even more.

The Economics Ministry said today gross domestic product probably shrank in the fourth quarter of 1995.

The government will release a preliminary estimate of full-year gross domestic product tomorrow.

Two years ago, an average gross margin might have been £200 / acre, he points out.

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