Meaning of GROSS in English


adj. 1 fat, obese, corpulent, overweight, big, large, bulky, great, heavy, ponderous, massive, cumbersome, unwieldy The gross detective eased his bulk onto a tiny chair 2 total, aggregate, entire, pre-tax, (all-)inclusive, overall, whole The gross profit was up by 15 per cent this year 3 coarse, vulgar, crude, unsophisticated, uncultured, uncultivated, earthy, crass, indelicate, indecent, inappropriate, unseemly, improper, unrefined, bawdy, ribald, Rabelaisian, raw, rude, offensive, obscene, lewd, dirty, smutty, pornographic, filthy That was too gross a story for mixed company 4 outrageous, flagrant, obvious, plain, glaring, shameful, blatant, monstrous, heinous, manifest, evident Her conviction was a gross miscarriage of justice 5 disgusting, repulsive, repellent, revolting, nauseating His table manners are truly gross

v. 6 earn, bring or take in, make We grossed over a million but netted only 50,000 after expenses

n. 7 (overall) total, take, intake, takings, receipts, gate As I said, the gross was over a million

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