Meaning of CROSS in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ krɔs ]

n., v., & adj. --n. 1 an upright post with a transverse bar, as used in antiquity for crucifixion. 2 a (the Cross) in Christianity, the cross on which Christ was crucified. b a representation of this as an emblem of Christianity. c = sign of the cross. 3 a staff surmounted by a cross and borne before an archbishop or in a religious procession. 4 a a thing or mark shaped like a cross, esp. a figure made by two short intersecting lines (+ or x). b a monument in the form of a cross, esp. one in the centre of a town or on a tomb. 5 a cross-shaped decoration indicating rank in some orders of knighthood or awarded for personal valour. 6 a an intermixture of animal breeds or plant varieties. b an animal or plant resulting from this. 7 (foll. by between) a mixture or compromise of two things. 8 a a crosswise movement, e.g. of an actor on stage. b Football etc. a pass of the ball across the direction of play. c Boxing a blow with a crosswise movement of the fist. 9 a trial or affliction; something to be endured (bear one's crosses). --v. 1 tr. (often foll. by over; also absol.) go across or to the other side of (a road, river, sea, etc.). 2 a intr. intersect or be across one another (the roads cross near the bridge). b tr. cause to do this; place crosswise (cross one's legs). 3 tr. a draw a line or lines across. b Brit. mark (a cheque) with two parallel lines, and often an annotation, to indicate that it must be paid into a named bank account. 4 tr. (foll. by off, out, through) cancel or obliterate or remove from a list with lines drawn across. 5 tr. (often refl.) make the sign of the cross on or over. 6 intr. a pass in opposite or different directions. b (of letters between two correspondents) each be dispatched before receipt of the other. c (of telephone lines) become wrongly interconnected so that intrusive calls can be heard. 7 tr. a cause to interbreed. b cross-fertilize (plants). 8 tr. thwart or frustrate (crossed in love). 9 tr. sl. cheat. --adj. 1 (often foll. by with) peevish, angry. 2 (usu. attrib.) transverse; reaching from side to side. 3 (usu. attrib.) intersecting. 4 (usu. attrib.) contrary, opposed, reciprocal. øas cross as two sticks extremely angry or peevish. at cross purposes misunderstanding or conflicting with one another. cross one's fingers (or keep one's fingers crossed) 1 put one finger across another as a sign of hoping for good luck. 2 trust in good luck. cross the floor join the opposing side in a debating-assembly. cross one's heart make a solemn pledge, esp. by crossing one's front. cross one's mind (of a thought etc.) occur to one, esp. transiently. cross a person's palm (usu. foll. by with) pay a person for a favour. cross the path of 1 meet with (a person). 2 thwart. cross swords (often foll. by with) encounter in opposition; have an argument or dispute. cross wires (or get one's wires crossed) 1 become wrongly connected by telephone. 2 have a misunderstanding. on the cross 1 diagonally. 2 sl. fraudulently, dishonestly. øøcrossly adv. crossness n. [OE cros f. ON kross f. OIr. cros f. L crux cruc-]

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