Meaning of CROSS in English


[cross] n [ME, fr. OE, fr. ON or OIr; ON kross, fr. OIr cros, fr. L cruc-, crux] (bef. 12c) 1 a: a structure consisting of an upright with a transverse beam used esp. by the ancient Romans for execution b often cap: the cross on which Jesus was crucified

2. a: crucifixion b: an affliction that tries one's virtue, steadfastness, or patience

3: a cruciform sign made to invoke the blessing of Christ esp. by touching the forehead, breast, and shoulders

4. a: a device composed of an upright bar traversed by a horizontal one; specif: one used as a Christian symbol b cap: the Christian religion

5: a structure (as a monument) shaped like or surmounted by a cross

6: a figure or mark formed by two intersecting lines crossing at their midpoints; specif: such a mark used as a signature 7: a cruciform badge, emblem, or decoration 8: the intersection of two ways or lines: crossing 9: annoyance, thwarting "a ~ in love"

10. a: an act of crossing dissimilar individuals b: a crossbred individual or kind c: one that combines characteristics of two different types or individuals 11 a: a fraudulent or dishonest contest b: dishonest or illegal practices--used esp. in the phrase on the cross 12: a movement from one part of a theater stage to another 13: a hook thrown over the opponent's lead in boxing 14: a security transaction in which a broker acts for both buyer and seller (as in the placing of a large lot of common stock)--called also cross-trade

[2]cross vt (14c) 1 a: to lie or be situated across b: intersect

2: to make the sign of the cross upon or over

3: to cancel by marking a cross on or drawing a line through: strike out "~ names off a list"

4: to place or fold crosswise one over the other "~ the arms"

5. a (1): to run counter to: oppose (2): to deny the validity of: contradict b: to confront in a troublesome manner: obstruct c (1): to spoil completely: disrupt--used with up "his failure to appear ~ed up the whole program" (2): to turn against: betray "~ed me up on the deal"

6. a: to extend across or over: traverse "a highway ~ing the entire state" b: reach, attain "only two ~ed the finish line" c: to go from one side of to the other "~ a street" "~es racial barriers"

7. a: to draw a line across b: to mark or figure with lines: streak 8: to cause (an animal or plant) to interbreed with one of a different kind: hybridize 9: to meet and pass on the way "our letters must have ~ed each other" 10: to occur to "it never ~ed my mind" 11: to carry or take across something "~ed the children at the intersection" ~ vi 1 a: to move, pass, or extend across something "~ed through France" "~ed over to the other side of the river" b: to move or pass from one character, condition, or allegiance to another--used with over

2: to lie or be athwart each other

3: to meet in passing esp. from opposite directions

4: interbreed, hybridize -- n -- cross swords : to engage in a dispute [3]cross adj (14c) 1 a: lying across or athwart b: moving across "~ traffic"

2. a: running counter: opposite b: mutually opposed "~ purposes"

3: involving mutual interchange: reciprocal

4: marked by typically transitory bad temper

5: extending over or treating several groups or classes "a ~ sample from 25 colleges"

6: crossbred, hybrid -- adv -- cross.ness n [4]cross prep (1551): across [5]cross adv (1577): not parallel: crisscross, crosswise

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