Meaning of DEAL in English


v. & n. --v. (past and past part. dealt) 1 intr. (foll. by with) a take measures concerning (a problem, person, etc.), esp. in order to put something right. b do business with; associate with. c discuss or treat (a subject). d (often foll. by by) behave in a specified way towards a person (dealt honourably by them). 2 intr. (foll. by in) to sell or be concerned with commercially (deals in insurance). 3 tr. (often foll. by out, round) distribute or apportion to several people etc. 4 tr. (also absol.) distribute (cards) to players for a game or round. 5 tr. cause to be received; administer (deal a heavy blow). 6 tr. assign as a share or deserts to a person (Providence dealt them much happiness). 7 tr. (foll. by in) colloq. include (a person) in an activity (you can deal me in). --n. 1 (usu. a good or great deal) colloq. a a large amount (a good deal of trouble). b to a considerable extent (is a great deal better). 2 colloq. a business arrangement; a transaction. 3 a specified form of treatment given or received (gave them a rough deal; got a fair deal). 4 a the distribution of cards by dealing. b a player's turn to do this (it's my deal). c the round of play following this. d a set of hands dealt to players. øit's a deal colloq. expressing assent to an agreement. [OE dól, dólan, f. Gmc]

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