Meaning of DEAL in English

I. ˈdēl, esp before pause or consonant -ēəl noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English deel, del, from Old English dǣl; akin to Old English dāl division, portion, Old High German teil part, Old Norse deild share, Gothic dails part

1. obsolete : part , portion , share

2. : an indefinite quantity, degree, or extent

it makes a good deal of difference

it means a great deal to him

he hasn't got a great deal of money


a. : the act, process, or method of distributing cards to players in a card game

b. : the privilege or duty of acting as dealer

it's my deal

c. : a period in the play of a card game embracing all phases from the shuffle through the determination or scoring of the result — compare hand 10a(4)

4. : a large quantity : lot

a deal of years — Raymond Moley

II. verb

( dealt ˈdelt ; dealt “ ; dealing ˈdēliŋ ; deals ˈdē(ə)lz)

Etymology: Middle English delen, from Old English dǣlan; akin to Old High German teilen to divide, Old Norse deila, Gothic dailjan; denominative from the root of English deal (I)

transitive verb

1. obsolete : divide , separate , sever


a. : to give as one's share or portion : distribute , apportion , mete

dealt justice to all men

— usually used with out

dealt out three sandwiches apiece


(1) : to distribute (one or more playing cards) to a player or the players in a card game

(2) : to distribute the cards for (a specified card game)

deal poker

(3) : to act as dealer in (a specified game)

deal craps

3. : administer , deliver , bestow

deal the boy a scolding

intransitive verb

1. obsolete : to be a sharer : share


a. : to distribute the cards in a card game

b. : to have the function or duty of distributing cards to the players in a card game

c. : to act as a dealer in a gambling game


a. : to have to do : concern oneself : treat — used with with

the book deals with all aspects of the subject

b. : to become occupied or busy — used with in

dealing in matters of no concern to him

fond of dealing in large generalities

4. : to act toward a person or regarding a thing : do — used with by or with

return … and I will deal well with thee — Gen 32:9 (Authorized Version)

5. archaic : to have dealings — used with with

dealing with witches — Shakespeare

6. archaic : to act as intermediary : make arrangements : negotiate — used with with or between

7. : to do a retailing or distributing business : trade , traffic — used with in before a thing

he deals in flour

and with with before a person

he deals fairly with all his customers

8. obsolete : contend , struggle , quarrel — used with with

9. : to take action (as in regard to some object, problem, or source of difficulty) : come to grips — used with with

he may deal as he pleases with his own property

had to deal with a catastrophic inflation

dealt with his problems as they arose

dealt harshly with the rebels

Synonyms: see distribute , treat

III. noun

( -s )

1. obsolete : dealings, intercourse


a. : an act of buying and selling : an offering of a combination of products at a special price

a package deal

: a reciprocal arrangement or agreement : bargain

b. : treatment received in a transaction from another

a raw deal

or from impersonal forces or circumstances

a rough deal

c. usually capitalized : a particular policy of national administration especially of economic or politico-economic affairs

Theodore Roosevelt's Square Deal

the New Deal

the Fair Deal

3. : an often clandestine arrangement to gain mutual advantage for those interested : a negotiated settlement of an issue (as a lawsuit)

law … has a way of beginning with ideals and ending with deals — H.A.Overstreet

IV. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle Dutch or Middle Low German dele plank; akin to Old High German dili, dilla plank, plank floor — more at thill


a. Britain : a board of fir or pine cut to any of several specified sizes — see deal end , slit deal , standard deal , whole deal

b. in the United States export trade : sawed yellow-pine lumber nine inches and wider and three, four, or five inches thick

2. : pine or fir wood : deals in the aggregate

a floor of deal

V. adjective

: made of deal ; broadly : made of plain unfinished wood

a deal table

VI. transitive verb

: sell

deals drugs

VII. noun

1. : skinny herein , : explanation

2. : affair 2a d

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